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With smaller, more focused feature sections and a large call-to-action, the Product Update template is fantastic for launching that next great product or feature update. Transactional emails are often overlooked. The Receipt template is a great way to update your transactional emails to not only look good, but present vital information in a clean, readable manner.

A few quick tips for using these templates

The Simple Announcement template is perfect for quicker updates. Sometimes, a more personal approach works best.

If you are running an active blog with tons of useful contents, this email template is for you. This template is from the Litmus community, which is tested with all major email clients and devices. The design of this email template is very simple. You have space to add your article image, an excerpt of the article, and a call to action button to take the readers directly to the article. As per the name, this template is designed completely using the HTML code alone. The designer of this template has designed it for general purpose, so you have all the elements in it.

Ample amount of white space is given between each element and section, so your contents are shown neatly in small screen devices as well. Both text links and call to action links are given in this template, based on your need you can use them. As the code used for this template is shared with you directly you can customize and see the result before using it in your email campaign.

Camellia email template can be used even by the beginners. Just like in the premium email templates this one includes a drag and drop builder. Just pick the elements you need and add them to the email template.

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The best part is the editor gives you the option to export the customized template to the desired format of famous email automation tools like MailChimp. You can import the customized template to the email automation tool and start your campaign.

175 Free Responsive Email Templates

Keeping in touch with your customer is very important in this competitive rich industry. Sending them greetings email is one of the best ways to remind your customers about your business. This email templates also includes drag and drop email editor for easier customizations. Even if you prefer it in the raw format in the coding format, you can download the code format and can precisely customize to the way you want. The editor includes all the famous modules like images, Youtube, and video links, just pick the element and place it in the place you want. Personalized contents always tend to perform better than the generic template.

If the recipient is your customer, you might have their basic information like their birthday. You can send a greetings mail and give them a pleasant surprise by offering special discount and offers to them. The default template itself is simple and get to the point straight away. All the elements are placed in the right place, all you have to do is to add your contents. Even you can add your own elements if you want, customization with this template is made super easy. There is an option to preview your content in the mobile view so that you can make the required adjustment.

After the implementation of the GDPR, the companies are taking an extra one step confirmation from the users of the data they are getting. If you are sending such email to your thousands of existing customers, this template will help you. With this template, you can clearly mention the information and ask the customer to confirm it.

A call to action button is also given, which you can map to the link you want. You can customize this template in both the desktop and mobile view.

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In order to use the editor, you need to create a free account, other than that this editor is free to use. Restaurants are one of the businesses who strive to get loyal and returning customers. Providing exceptional services alone is not enough to get your customers, you have to adopt modern marketing tactics to be successful in the business. Luckily we have plenty of methods in this digital world, social media and emails are the most obvious methods.

26 Ready To Use Free Responsive Email Templates - uiCookies

Emails tend to give a personalized approach and also gives a better result than social media. Just like in the restaurant website templates , this email template also has plenty of space to add food images. Below each food, you have space to show customer rating for that particular. Adding videos is a better idea, but make sure that the video content is well optimized and opens faster, or you can simply give a link to the video. E-commerce industry is in its golden age now, revolution in the smartphone industry and communication has made e-commerce a booming business.

There are several tools to help you automate many basic functionalities so that even small business can run a successful online store. Emails are not only used to keep the users updated about their orders, they are also used to encourage the users to splurge more. This email template is designed to notify the users about the unpurchased items in the cart. In the top, you have space to show the image of the product in the cart. If you are giving special offers for that particular product, you can highlight and show it to the users.

Ample amount of space for text contents is given to give a short and sweet information about the product. In the footer section, you have space to add related products to suggest a better product for the users. If you are running a Yoga center, the chances of converting interested people are high. This email template is designed for yoga and fitness business. Mini-websites in the email is the most widely used strategy in all the major industry. Using a mini website design, not only helps you to promote the offer, but also helps you to show your other services to the users.

Stripo is a free online tool to customize and create your own custom email template. You have both free and premium version in this service. Sign Up for a free account, create a template and you can directly export it to the email tool or you can simply use the HTML code. Raise Fund email template is designed for both event and non-profit organizations.

300+ Free Responsive Email Templates of Various Categories and Styles

Email recipients only spend a few seconds to read your email. We have to be precise with the content and also organize the sections logically so that the user will take their time to see what you are saying in the email. In the header, you have big bold texts to show the event heading, a few lines about the even and a call to action button. If the user is interested, they will scroll down to see more about the event. Placing the call to action buttons is the most crucial part in the email marketing, based on your email strategy the position if buttons vary.

In the preview, you can see both the desktop and mobile version so that you can customize the template before you go live. The success of the event totally depends on the reach and number of attendees. There are general and industry-specific newsletters, as well as general email layouts to customize. All of the resources are free to download and, depending on the license, free to use in your projects. The Sendwithus Open Source Template Project is a collection of free email templates created and managed by the Sendwithus team and community.

Anyone may contribute new templates, or make impactful updates to the existing ones. All of the templates are open source. Responsive Email Patterns is a collection of patterns and modules for responsive emails.

Slate: Responsive Email Templates

Preview a layout and then grab the code. Here is a set of free email templates from Zurb. Preview them and inspect the code to see how they were implemented, or download them and try making some changes. See screenshots of how each template looks on different email clients by viewing the tests. Mosaico is an open source editor that lets you create responsive emails with an easy drag-and-drop interface. Mosaico allows you to realize a beautiful and effective template without hiring a team of professionals and conducting hours of tests.

Mosaico does not define what you can edit or what styles you can change. Choose from two templates to start: Versafix-1 or Versafluid. Chamaileon is a collaborative email builder and content management platform. Select from approximately built-in email templates, and customize.