Android mount smb folder without root


  1. Google releases Android Samba Client app for mounting SMB file shares in Files app - 9to5Google
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  3. Tool:Auto Mount Multimedia shared folder without root ( Himedia V200 pro )

Now kodi can open files without trouble kodi setting open kodi add folder with "External storage" you found new folder Part 2 - fix trouble problems: Hello, I can read some German, but my German grammar is horrible, so i will post in English!

Since 3 days I own the Himedia Q10 Pro with firmware: In my case the share: It looks like the share isn't mounted. But when I run "shell.

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  • Mount SMB-Shares like cifsmanager without root.

Am I doing something wrong? I tried the 1.

Google releases Android Samba Client app for mounting SMB file shares in Files app - 9to5Google

Can you give me some pointers where to look? Kind Regards, RR I found the answer to above problem myself. Regards, RR Facebook 0 Twitter 0 Google Plus 0 Reddit 0. It's Well I currently have CM7 on my phone, so that may not be too big of a issue there as it is the phone that needs the server modules the Nexus 7 just needs the access.

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I'll read that link more thoroughly and see what I can make of it. One last thing I forgot to mention in the first post if it wasn't clear enough ; I need this to work independently of any network.

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IE, it will only be the phone and tablet communicating with each other. I plan to do this so that I can use the Nexus 7 as a "car-puter", where it will perform all the functions sans FM radio of a normal car navigation system. This would probably be much easier to setup with my laptop in fact I have already tried it , but I'd rather just carry the phone which I carry anyway and tablet plus the easy to manage 12V charger and USB cable, as opposed to phone, tablet, laptop, laptop bag, v charger Well if that's the case you might be interested in just using a otg cable.

Apparently you can have read access without root. A normal OTG cable would not allow charging at the same time. I need to have the Nexus 7 wired for power, either through the pogo pins, or via USB.

Tool:Auto Mount Multimedia shared folder without root ( Himedia V200 pro )

The pogo pins have not been figured out yet still no official dock, but so far its been found that you can charge via the pins when the Nexus 7 is off , and you cannot charge via USB at the same time you have a device attached. Hence the problem I am having with the storage space being so limited. I have read about another option, though there hasn't been any update since last month, about hard wiring a SDHC card inside the Nexus 7 and still having the USB port available for charging. Still waiting to see something new from them on that post, but until then, a software solution seems to the be the only fix to my dilemma.

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I came across this little juicy app: Droid NAS I'm about to go play around with it, but I'm still unsure how to network just the two devices together. However, my Nexus 7 does not have CIFS support stock rom so I will need to see what options are available for me with that, though I have grown very fond of the stock interface and am not sure if I would like to goto a custom rom with a different interface. Any suggestions? Last edited by Mpegger; at For those keeping track: I'm using PowerAmp as the music player as it allows specific folders to be used and large buffers for the audio.