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  1. Move apps between Phone Memory and SD Card in Windows Phone 8.1
  2. How to: Use microSD expansion with Windows Phone
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Windows Phone 8. Try to backup all your important files, apps and data saved on your Windows PC and start the process. After formatting the SD card, try to search if there are not any specific partition settings you should install. Backup all your files on your SD card and try again. Read Also: This post was originally published in September and has been since revamped and updated for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness.

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Installing Android drivers on a PC should be a walk in a park. Continue Reading. And it instantly:. Good question. Unless you're starting with something trivial like a 2GB card then it'll be impractical to do the 'upgrade', i. As you might imagine, the upgrade involves:. If that sounds a bit tortuous then it's really not.

I'm just spelling things out so that everything goes smoothly for you! The Windows Phone should, after a few seconds, find all its old files and the only difference will be that Storage Sense tells you that you have a whole heap more free space! In fact, Windows Phone itself helps break down your content into four types: The breakdown, as shown above right, is: Music, videos and podcasts As it sounds, new downloaded media of all types will be saved into appropriate folders on your card, though note that existing content on your internal disk won't be moved over automatically that's a job for you in, for example, Files It should also get you thinking as to the best way to get your other media e.

You can follow Windows Phone's lead in terms of folders and storage here - I'd recommend loading up your media library with a SD card reader accessory for your desktop or laptop, but you can also drag and drop over a cable from a Windows Desktop. There's no downside to storing media on expansion card - other than, obviously, losing access if you take the card out later.


Move apps between Phone Memory and SD Card in Windows Phone 8.1

So, especially on an 8GB device, aim to manually move over any existing media and then make sure all future podcasts and purchased media end up where they belong - on extra silicon. New photos Again as the name suggests, any new photos or captured videos from this point onwards will end up on the 'SD card' if this is selected. Whatever else you do or don't pick from the advice on this page, make sure that this one is abided by - an expansion card is PERFECT for captured photos and videos. For two reasons. Firstly, however many you take, and however long or large your video captures are, you're much less likely to run out of space see my musings on card capacity below.

Secondly, you have the absolute last resort, in the event of necessity or even your phone packing up completely, of just removing the microSD card and accessing the photos on another device. You won't do this often, I suspect, but it's a wonderful mechanism to know you can fall back on. As with general media, there's no downside of picking this option.

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For devices like the Lumia , with its 4K video capture, you'll want to make sure that you're using a very fast Class 10 and above? New applications Things change slightly with 'apps', as you might perhaps expect. On a '8GB internal' device you may be left with no choice but to install all applications to card, of course, but SD card issues see below mean that it's not always a great idea to install everything on expansion card. An 'app' that's installed internally is there for good, one that's installed to card is at the mercy of any SD card messing around you might do.

And there's no easy way to select an installation destination when you grab something from the Store. My rule of thumb is to leave this set to 'Phone' while I get set up with all my core applications you know, Twitter, Photo editors, streaming media apps and then change the setting in 'Storage Sense' to 'SD card' when putting on all my favourite games. These often run into the hundreds of Megabytes and all of this can be put on the card, where you'll have the luxury of almost unlimited space. Video taken at on my Lumia at full HD p would take 2.

The phone is less than a month old. But wait, now I had to move all the apps, documents, pictures, music, and video over.

Nokia Lumia 635 / 630 Remove, replace Back cover Battery Insert Sim Card Micro SD memory Card

You might think that this is a long but simple process of copying all the files on the card onto the new. Not so much. Can you move all the apps and data so that everything is preserved to work just like it did on the old card? Now, both of those are not only slower the theoretical USB 3. Your mileage may vary.

How to: Use microSD expansion with Windows Phone

Just copying nearly 60 GB of data takes between 20 minutes and half an hour. Hopefully, the next card I buy will border on a terabyte, but for now, I have a bit of breathing room: You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

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    GoPro Plus now offers unlimited uncompressed video storage

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