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But the universe has something that will even surprise this kind of a hero. Neigbouring bandicoots and sworn enemies- mutants seemed to have gone mad, lost all interest in life and follow someone's evil instructions. Super Mario rescue princess is a classic game of many generations of gamers. You are going to play as Mario plumber and your task is to save princess from evil dragon.

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Help Mario to overcome all dangers. You put on a paratrooper uniform again and land to Mars to kick asses or other things they have of alien creatures! What are you waiting for? Get weaving! The gameplay is designed for not less than 8 hour playing. Unlike its relations — shooters Doom 1, 2 and 3— mobile Doom RPG is going to present us a coherent story with a mass of characters and interactive environments.

The more the gamer fights or fulfills the tasks , the more skillful he becomes, and consequently his strength and health will improve. On the levels one can collect and earn credit cards of UAC Corporation.

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And then change them for ammunition, medical kits and other nice things. Press , and let the happiness be with you….

Java games for mobile phones x mob. Games genres: Super Mario Bros 3 in 1. Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3. The amazing Spider-man 2. Assassin's Creed: Plants vs zombies: GT Racing 2: The real car experience. Avengers The Mobile Game. We offer you to download free x games. Our system will select the most appropriate ones for your mobile phone resolution - For downloading click on the link that you see below, or select one of the topics.

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Download new java games 320x480 on your phone for free

Best of the month Most Popular Recommended. Please, specify your device, and we will select compatible games. It's almost the most recognizable and well-known character in the entire history of computer games. The first version of the game was relaunched in Japan on diskettes for Famicom Disk System with altered levels, parameters of the game, while remaining the same good old RPG. Game features: Panzer General. Large-scale tank battles will unfold in your phone in the nearest time!

Java Jar Games Free Download Mobile Touch Screen

The events take place during the Second World War, fierce battles are led literally for each square centimetre of the earth. You are a commander of an elite tank division, which operates in the rear of the enemy. The battles unfold in all over the world, in the territory of more than 18 countries. Calling of the air support, artillery fire or landing troops will help to defeat the enemy quicker.

The enemy is strong, but he can't resist your tanks! Panzer General game features: Large-scale tank battles on the screens of mobile phones; Simple control system; Several game modes: Battle, Campaign, Duel; Play via Bluetooth with your friends; 3 different campaigns: German, Soviet,Campaign of the Allies ; 5 kinds of special weapon: Blades and Magic 3D. Street Rules 3 3D. The long-awaited, wonderful, brilliant 3D version of the best races for mobile! Are you still reading this? Download quickly, you should not miss this game! New things in Asphalt: Street Rules 3 3D: Completely redesigned engine 2.

Boulder Dash Rocks You have to collect gems in different dungeons in this game.

You have to think strategically and go through mazes, avoiding various traps. Crime Files 2 The Templar Knight Young detectives have to unravel a new mystery in this game from the popular game series. They have to find the ancient sword of Templars.

x games. Download free games for your mobile phone.

Agent Hugo Roborumble The protagonist of this game, Hugo, has to stop crazy scientist, who created armies of robots and wants to conquer the world. Tekken This is mobile version of the hit console game.

Choose among 8 different fighters and take part in the martial arts tournament. Digger This is mobile version of the classic console game. Help digger, who is looking for treasures and gems under ground.

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Nonsense Help Mr. Nonsense, which has to collect as many donuts as possible. Run through different levels. Jump on various platforms. The Wolfman Mobile Game This game based on the same named movie. The protagonist of this game is a wolfman.