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Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard Case for Samsung Galaxy Tab by Zagg | eBay

Across the top you'll find buttons for cut, paste, voice command, e-mail, and more. Like the iPad 2 version , though, the case can be used as a stand to prop up your tablet in either portrait or landscape orientation. To really get that mobile office experience, Logitech also offers an Android tablet Bluetooth mouse. If you're a Tab It's not as broadly practical as a generic Bluetooth keyboard, but the dedicated Android keys and the added advantage of protecting your tablet screen make it a great solution.

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How to watch the Galaxy S10 launch: Samsung is expected to unveil several Galaxy models Feb. Mobile World Congress Complete coverage from the world's biggest phone show. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. There are a couple of solutions, but you have to forget the flexibility in how you position the screen.

Usually, there is one or two fixed angles — set for typing by the desk. So, are you still interested in the keyboard case for your Samsung Galaxy Tab? Check out the list and tips below. On top of that, the keyboard case comes with a handy loop for S Pen which is being sold together with Galaxy Tab S3. Early reviews of the keyboard confirm that, despite their small size, the keys have a long pitch, are finger-friendly, and make a pleasant click sound.

Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard Case for Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 by Zagg

But it has its price. Fintie Samsung Galaxy Tab A This keyboard case, from a popular third-party case producer Fintie , is a good example how most such cases work. First, the keyboard is embedded into the inner part of the front cover, so the case is, in fact, the way to carry both the keyboard and the tablet. Secondly, this Bluetooth keyboard is detachable — you can take it out of the case and still be able to use.

And the last thing: What I like about this particular case model is that when you remove the keyboard, the case becomes slimmer. Fintie Smart Slim keyboard case is available for the You can also find similar designs from the same producer for other Galaxy Tabs.

Here is another case for Galaxy Tab A. It represents the majority of available keyboard cases. The case has a book-style look, thanks to polyurethane material that imitates natural leather. The Bluetooth keyboard is attached on the inside of the front cover and is embedded between two rather thick layers of the faux leather.

Why is the keyboard lowered below the leather?

Logitech announces keyboard case for Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet

The keyboard has real keys, just like the ones you have in a laptop. The keyboard needs to be recharged. It takes approximately up to 3 hours to refill its battery. Then you can type for as long as 60 hours.

Most probably, it will be the Galaxy Tab to die first. Ivso Samsung Galaxy Tab A Bmouo Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8. Here is a similar portfolio-style case, but for the smaller, 8-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab A. Again, the keyboard is sewn into the leather frame that can be attached or detached from the inside of the front cover. On the back of the case, there is a flap that raises the tablet, so that you can look at it when typing on a table.

The case needs to be recharged 3 hours for 60 hours of work and is available in Black. Zagg Universal Bluetooth Keyboard. The problem with keyboard cases made for specific tablets is that they become useless the day you replace the tablet with the new one. What about the universal keyboard that can be used with any tablet and smartphone, too that has Bluetooth?

When I was looking for cases that would fit any of the Samsung Galaxy Tab tablets, this one got my attention. It has a curved raised body, just like in keyboards for desktop computers. Even smarter is the solution for a stand. When you want to use the keyboard, you remove the cover, place in front of you, pull the little shelf out and put the device in there. The shelf can hold devices of various dimensions and depths. When you finish typing, put the cover back on top of the keyboard. The producer says the rechargeable battery can last up to three months when you use the keyboard for two hours a day.

As you see, the biggest challenge when it comes to tablet keyboards is how to set up a stand where the tablet could be placed for typing. The picture above explains the whole idea of Nulaxy keyboard for Bluetooth-supported tablets. The keyboard has its own Origami-style case that folds to form the support for the device. The idea makes the keyboard extremely slim.

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Good for watching, for instance. The keyboard works with most Bluetooth-enabled devices. There is no info about charging time. You can keep it 60 days on standby, without recharging.

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Logitech Bluetooth Multi-Device Keyboard. And here is another concept of the universal Bluetooth keyboard that should go well with your Samsung Galaxy Tab tablet, no matter the size and model.

Best Samsung Galaxy Tab keyboard cases

From a trusted producer of computer and tablet accessories, Logitech, comes this smart keyboard that has two distinct functions. It means you can connect it to three devices, for instance, your computer, tablet, or smartphone. You can switch between devices by turning the Easy-Switch dial on the left side of the keyboard. The other interesting feature is the cradle that holds your smartphone or tablet at just the right angle for you to read while you type.

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You can even put in the cradle two devices! It comes in two colors: