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Each character type is fun and unique, providing different play styles, and each character comes with a set of four skills that can be earned and equipped during battle. If health is low, run away! Another one has a fighter launching himself at an enemy, striking the bad guy. The victory limit is reached when a base has been destroyed. It can be a treacherous time trying to do things on their own which can lead to many deaths, becoming a major set-back throughout the entire session.

When players or enemies get kills, they level up and earn coins to upgrade their equipment. However, it can get tiresome after a while as there is a lot of running back and forth, especially when running back to base to recharge health. But the overall gameplay is pleasant. Join forces, level up, and equip powerful weapons to take to the fight against the bad guys! You cannot sign up without agreeing Terms of Service.

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Keywords See Trends. Get all keyword data via API or Spreadsheet. Search Visibility. Team up and fight alongside friends as you plan your strategy, strengthen your Heroes, and wipe out every tower and base that stands between you and victory! Experience fast-paced, real-time battles through a new user interface that makes the game easier to handle and more exciting to play. Now it's your turn to join their honored ranks as the most powerful champions in the realm!


Heroes of Order & Chaos by Gameloft (iOS, United States) - SearchMan App Data & Information

Prove it in Fun Mode, where anything can happen! By using this app, you may be offered advertising content. Find out more about the game on the official site -- http: Privacy Policy: Keywords ranked 25 or better Keywords ranked between 25 and Not ranked in search results under this keyword. Reviews Most Recent 99 Most Helpful I rate this at one because of that advertisement it always crash the game whenever it pops up its so annoying remove that goddamn thing.

But you are probably too stupid to realise. This games leaves much to be desired in these types of games. This is the best moba in mobile gaming. But no support, no update. I was playing it very much but then it became a laggy game with ads. The reason i bought an iPad.

The game was great but the only problem is the advertisement keep showing it so annoying and also for queuing for coop its take looooong time to queue.. This game has some of the coolest looking heroes and a diversity of cool heroes to choose from where mobas like Vainglory great game have a ton of heroes who look almost identical when playing.

Lot of diverse play styles and skills which can be used way more tactically then most mobas like walls and cages, silences, reflection, great DOTs, etc. But this one makes me not to want to play it because of the years I previously spent playing it to unlock things. Cross platform saves. I have to start over completely even tho I still have everything on my Android which may be the cause of lag being older? Being in the military I barely have time to play like I used to and I am definitely not motivated to start over from scratch.

Copyright © 2008-12222 Steel Media Ventures.

I would say if the lag was gone and with cross platform saves through game loft this game would be 5 star regardless of the other cons. Vainglory beats it IMO because of this one simple feature. I was able to log onto my new iPhone with everything I had on my Android thanks to cross platform saves. This game was the most fun among all moba games back in the day i used to play this game after school everyday cause it was addicting,i was a co-leader in a top 50 global guild back in the day..

The free characters of the week is always the same. Not a lot of people play it as much so it takes longer to join a game.

I think that if you added and improved some thing then people might start to play again. I wish they would continue to create more characters and further the game its self. I think if you sale this game for mobile legends it will be wonderful. Currently, due to the ranked seasons being offline it has caused the large competitive player base to leave.

However, these players are constantly checking when it will come back and I predict a huge surge of players to return once it does. The one issue is the learning curve for new players and if that can be overcome with more support as well as an easier transition from beginner to level 40, this game will really shine. I am new to this game still playing it kind of I have been playing this game since so it have been 7 years.

This is the best game ever made in history. Less update mean less people playing so I know nearly every player in this game. But soon there will be no players left cause of some assholle developers. I have a plan.. Please update and start it up again, advertise it in your other games and make hype for it, better graphics and possible NEW heroes. Why would you play this when there are so many other MOBAs that actually are updated? Graphics are underwhelming too compared to gorgeous, balanced games like Arena of Valor and Onmyoji Arena. Not much have changed but still Awesome game!

Because the targeting is base on touching the map, it makes targeting enemy heroes harder for players, with a mobile device, to use skills. As I said before, this game needs to update the controls to fit mobile user; most importantly, it needs an update to be fashionably improved for all user to enjoy.

You should definitely have a auto targeting mode and a auto basic attack button, it would make alot of game play smoother. Pls Gameloft why are you letting this game to die.

Heroes Of Order & Chaos1.7.0 hack! (All characters)

Back then when it was 2nd anniversary I wanted to see this game, and the moment I started my first game it was my best experience while playing moba. Now after I saw that this game is dying I can't do anything but to hope that you will see that if you revive this game will rise to its former days. Fans of HOC if you truly love this game with everything.

Then just start playing it again even if they don't update it soon they will see that people love this game and they will give it another chance. I wouldn't be playing moba today if it's weren't for this game. Maybe create a stitched up sorta looking buggie man guy. Button eyes and he has bugs insid. Hi pls make update for iphone x please it can be the best moba game ever for mobile pls mak it: Hello I luv this game but for some reason I lost my account how do I log back into my old account.

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Well the current theme music is not bad, but I do like the original one better. Anyway, still an amazing game. This game was my childhood favourite but since there is not many updates on the game anymore, it is less exciting to play, I used to play when nutt hero or whatever was just launched maybe in more far back , I played this game when I was years old and came back to it a few years later. Please update and make new heroes!!!!!! What happen with the screen, can u guys optimize the screen please for iPhone X.

Graphics, controls and layout is extremely outdated and cluttered. Keep it alive, ya know? I left this game 2 years ago, then I wanted to come back to it. New hero please by anto. So far there is a China server, a Asia server and a world server. This is awful, why is there essentially 2 asian servers. Where is European and American Servers? I cannot play because my png is always high when on the world server. If your from Asia great you have a dedicated server. Mobile Legends is much better. This game is amazing I loved it so much but no updates just the same old stuff please come back I've played this game for years haven't played that long a mobile game.

So I have to delete the game and redownload it. So I use to enjoy this game but now when you guys don't even work on this game It disappoint me like in fun game it gives you a random hero and you can only reroll two times what the heck! And people on the chat hate you because you got a free hero when you can't chose. Im never going to probably play this game again. Im just recommended people to play dungeon hunter champions. I first downloaded the game when it originally came out in First playing it was challenging but fair.

Over the years the game has had some glitches, but nothing too game breaking. The gameplay was fun, exciting, and unique. It was a shame it came to an end. The two most recent heroes are ones thrown into the game without any real solution against them. The other reason is the ranked matches.

Although it is no longer available There are known bugs players have abused to play ranked games to never lose rank points. It may no seem like it, but in order to be a top player you have to be max level It can be a huge turn off to players wanting to get good quickly. All of which are meta for a comp match.

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I would have to say the worst part of the game would be its community. All the top players accusing each other of cheating. Toxic players in every game. The report and block system do absolutely nothing to solve the issues. Although this review may point out many of the downsides. This was written by someone who grew up with the game and who loved it. The game had so much potential but it was a shame to see it slowly die.

U should still focus on MOBA game ,is stay working and many people playing. The second , The market items shop is not easy to use or buy. The third, according to the hands position The last ,u should add more mode or event to make the players to stop being boring or annoying the game. Now, due to lack of updates there are less players online so it takes a lot longer to join a lobby.. Please start sending out updates and improving the game and it will be extremely successful!!

The game needs an update with new heroes and a new look. It needs change. Tbh I really love this game So gameloft I appreciate. This game is amazing! It has a variety of heroes, stages, and skins for the heroes. It also has really good graphics and it is easy to earn money to buy heroes. They also make it really hard to retrieve your data once you switch devices, but other than that the game is amazing. Guys please update game!!!!!!!!!!! Even though it stopped being updated almost a year ago, there are many people who still play. That just shows how good the game is.

Please do something, thank you. Why is this happening? If Gameloft will bring this game back to life, I will really appreciate it. Really unique hero ideas. However, they screwed it up by lacking in balance updates and other maintenance. Couldve brought in big bucks but they slacked off. Sadly this game is no longer updated.

This game used to be one of the greatest. Este es el mejor juego que he jugado en toda mi vida: When the weekly hero stop rotating, I knew this games was gonna die. The player base is still active, hope it does not die. Wish they would update this game. This game was the best of its kind.