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The Certificated version is apt to mobile phones requiring certificated apps. UC Browser has a number of interesting tools that you don't normally see in a mobile Web browser, such as an integrated download manager , built-in Clipboard for simple copy and paste, and a start page with a number of preset links to a range of categorized web sites.

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Of course, there's full support for bookmarks too. UC Browser is a proxy-based browser, which re-renders and compresses page data on a server before sending it to the client in much the same as Opera Mini and Skyfire do. This makes it exceptionally quick at loading pages. Unfortunately, it seems that image rendering is sacrificed somewhat in this process, and often you'll find that images won't display properly, which can get annoying.

downlod qq browser download, free downlod qq browser on software download - otutisyvyret.tk

If you find the web browser on your phone to be a little clunky then give UC Browser a try. Viewing WAP and web sites in UC Browser is a painless experience thanks to its multiple windows , which allow you to have several pages loaded at once in much the same way as tabs in Firefox. You can flick between the pages simply by tapping the Switch button, and open, close and bookmark pages using keypad shortcuts.

UC Browser gives you a lot of control over page layout, too.

QQ Browser

You can choose to view pages in full screen, tweak the font size, zoom images, and tweak image quality. Overall though, UC Browser makes for a quick and easy way to explore the web's variety using your phone. UC Browser for java provides you fast and smooth Web surfing experience.


It's a totally free app. The choice of million users worldwide, UC Browser is definitely the most popular Web browser in the world. Do you recommend it? In our tests, we found Bolt to be significantly faster than the default BlackBerry and S60 browsers, and almost as quick as Opera Mini. Unlike Opera Mini though, Bolt doesn't tinker around with the content, and displays pages as they were intended to be viewed on a desktop browser. Bolt has many helpful features, including tabbed browsing though you can only have three tabs open at once , a cool, customizable favorites page , and a built-in RSS feed reader.

We were also impressed by the Web Apps feature in Bolt, which allows you to install widgets for things like weather, Twitter profiles, dictionaries, etc. Although Bolt is easy enough to navigate, it lacks the intuitive page zoom controls of Opera Mini. Instead of just tapping to zoom in, you have to root around in the settings menu to adjust the zoom level. Overall though, Bolt is an excellent mobile web browser. It's fast, reliable and has good support for internet video.

Free Top 10 Nokia E5-00 (Nokia Mystic) Browsers Downloads Page 2

Bolt is no longer working!. The Bolt Browser was Great, unfortunately they shut down the servers and therefore the browser won't work.

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Don't bother downloading this! Couldn't they remove this download link? Was a great browser! Servers are no longer online!

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Won't work! Simply the best, and of course faster and reliable indeed. Java Browsers Bolt Lightning fast mobile web browser Bolt is a fast mobile web browser, crammed with features that give you more of a desktop-feeling web browsing experience. This means you can use it