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  1. How To Fix Samsung Galaxy Not Registered On Network
  2. How To Fix Not Registered On Network on Samsung Galaxy /Android
  3. Wann sollte man die APN Einstellungen prüfen?
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Im hoping for a fix without getting new sim. Im overseas still for another month and want my ootus phone to work. Hey Paynini , are you sure this in relation to the OP's post? I believe their issue was a local issue rather a roaming issue. Are you able to confirm the make and model of the handset for us? If we've confirmed that roaming is indeed on then we'd need you to access your carrier settings and chose a corresponding overseas carrier that we roam with.

How To Fix Samsung Galaxy Not Registered On Network

We'll be able to provide you with a list of roaming partners. Im on a galaxy note 8. Im in the UK and the only available network seems to be vodafone. That's fine. I'll just need you to click on my YC handle and click the message tab on the top half of my profile section. I'll get back to you as soon as I can. I'm moderating solo today so there might be a bit of a delay. The long weekend is nearly here — time to break out the speakers for a poolside party. Check out Yes Read the full story.

Yes Crowd: Topic Listing Previous Next. Not registered on network. Posted by millie52 New Contributor 4th Mar , 6: Member since 4th Mar with 2 Posts Message 1 of 11 12, Views. Any help please Solved! Reply 0 Kudos. Report Inappropriate. Posted by Yeldarb Esteemed Contributor 4th Mar , 7: Member since 22nd Oct with 6, Posts Message 2 of 11 12, Views. Reply 1 Kudo. Posted by millie52 New Contributor 4th Mar , 7: Member since 4th Mar with 2 Posts Message 3 of 11 12, Views.

Thanks for your time. Posted by Yeldarb Esteemed Contributor 4th Mar , 8: Member since 22nd Oct with 6, Posts Message 4 of 11 12, Views. Posted by pdp Occasional Visitor 24th Sep , 4: Member since 11th Feb with 1 Post Message 5 of 11 9, Views. I placed my sim card upward down creating the issue for me. I finally called T-mobile we troubleshooted and problem fixed.. System is updated and tried all but one of your methods an still no luck.. Have you came up with any other methods or can gv me any other advice?

Please and thanks in advance!! Thanks TechnoBezz, I havent even done all the steps from method 2 and my issue had repaired. I really appreciate people who make websites like this because without them most people would have serious financial problems because they probably would buy new phones all the time. Thanks a lot. Seriously sheeple use your brain for that one! Method 1 there is no select software option in the settings for the S5. Method 2 if you press the home and power buttons simultaneously all you get is a screens hot. Method 3 dim card works fine on another phone.

Method 4 you have not offered an option for Vodafone. Method 6 see method 2. Method 7 all irrelevant. Not even a factory restore has cured my S5 of this infuriating problem. I got the phone after my previous was no longer able to read my SD card and fried itself I have been with T-mobile for five years and lived in two different states and have the same number from a previous carrier for at least 10 years. I called the T-mobile help line to help with the problem.

How To Fix Not Registered On Network on Samsung Galaxy /Android

Their only stipulation was if I stopped useing T-mobile as my carrier I send it back. I have a problem with my Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-I , It says mobile network not available and not registered on network after i have changed the screen or LCD as it got broken recently…??? I have done every single thing on every single website for the past month and no solution please come up with new ones please! I have a s4 mini verizon unlocked, which all 4G phones are are already unlocked.

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When I receive calls or messages they have a plus sign in front of it and when I try to return a missed called or reply it treats it as a international call. Naser…thanks for this input. The device is on Android 5. My dad got a newer version and gave me his so id like to keep most of whats on there. It is easier to delete what i dont need rather than re-enter everything.

We both have t-mobile, sep accounts. My old phone is a blackberry bold that my brother got for free when he used to work for t-mobile and all i had to do was pop in the sim. The only reason im switching phones is bc the blackberry constantly shuts down and loses all battery power after it took me all night to charge.

Im beggining to think i am allergic to technology.

Wann sollte man die APN Einstellungen prüfen?

Please help, it would be greatly appreciated. What the heck! No one here has a similar problem to mine I guess.. I tried doing a software update but it loads some kind of Verizon thing, and then says no available update. Go to setting — connections — More networks 2. Mobile networks 3. Network operators 4. The device will searching available operators X,Y,Z,,,,, 5. Select your your sim operator 6. Restart one time your device. Thats it,,,,,. Popped micro sim in and its not registering to my carrier. Its brand new running 4. I have an issue with my galaxy mega.

How do I fix this problem! Is there any software that I can change it to its normal imei? This article let you change your imei number -https: Did you check all the possible solutions? I highly recommend you read this post https: I recently purchased an unlocked Galaxy S3. I purchased it for overseas usage Jamaica to be specific on the Digicel network. When I put any sim card from any other network, it finds service with no problems. The minute I put in the DigIcel sim card and try to go on roaming and find a network, It says emergency calls only and network not registered.

Please help. The phone just need a little Refresh. Try navigating to network settings, then hold the power button and the home button together until the phone reboot , read here for ,more info https: Thanks for getting back to me. So I followed the instructions that you gave me with holding the home and power button and the phone does nothing but shut off. There is no blinking or rebooting.

What else do you suggest? I did all the steps, but nothing happen. But i think i know whats the problem on my phone. It start saying not registered after i clicked on Samsung updates. My phone is Samsung s4. Anyone has any suggestions? I am currently using a Samsung Galaxy S2………. Nat, please try this method -https: I tried. What phone u have? Release the power button then keep pressing the home button.

I have the same Issue. It worked fine until I ran out of minutes. They had me turn off and on my phone, and remove and replace my SIM card about 5 times and I get the same error message. Please help… Thank You. Many times you will not get SIM 1 or 2 to work. The way how i work around this is by swapping the Sim in different port. Placing sim 1 into sim 2 port. Also, Please move outside or a place where you can receive Proper signal.

Many times the Frequency interfered with each other. I had the same problem. What i did was to remove the sim card and put it in a lowerend 2g phone Nokia or samsung preferable single sim phone. Restart the nokia phone at least 3 times and wait until the network comes may take 10 minutes or more and then make a call to a known number. Now remove the sim card and put it in ur samsung phone. It will work just fine. I unrooted still had the message, I rooted again and got Xposed Installer plus another program which changed my Device Status back to Official but I still do not have network access, please help.

Also, I am using Metro Service. Ray Demolition Please Navigate to this article- https: Hello am haika from tanzania. I have samsung galaxy premier , android version 4. Samsung Galaxy S2. When you update via kies do you lose anything like photos, apps, etc? My gf is having the same problem with the GS3 on tmo and I know her software is out of date but I have next to no experience with Android. Updating the software would solve the problem ofcoarse.

ALDImobile APN Settings - APN Settings Australia

And no, you will not lose your personal data. It started out mostly when the battery was low or had allowed to run out, but now it seems to have no rime or reason to it. I tried to reset the phone and that did not fix it. MMS port: MMS protocol: APN type: But suddenly when my phone got fully discharged one night, next day morning it started off with full signal of sim. Then it failed. I could see when battery is low at times it gives signal, but not always.

I have got it checked with Samsung center and they loaded the software, for no use. I have done factory reset as well not use. At times I get signal but could not make any calls, as it gets disconnected quickly. Share Tweet. How To. How to Fix Samsung Galaxy Waiting for network.

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  • How To Fix Samsung Galaxy error while searching for network. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Eloisa Sunga December 24, Glydel October 7, Dianne Ryan September 13, That worked beautifully on my Galaxy j1 mini Thank you so much Cheers Dianne. J W September 13, Which one worked on the j1 mini? Not having the same luck…. Raghuram August 25, Mahesh July 30, Lakhan Soren July 5, Graham June 21, Carla June 18, I just restarted my phone after it was recharged and it fixed itself. Dhiren June 1, Thank you very much!! Method 2 worked for me! Thank you. Bear April 19, I kept getting this error at work.

    Debra Donato April 1, You didnt mention metro when explaining the not registered with network error. Muhammed bojang January 31, Qaim Afkar January 25, Dyllon January 23, Dean Mindock December 12, Adriann December 10, Thank you so much , love how many ways are there to fix the problem. Roja November 28, Thank you technobez.. Method 4 worked for me. Shashi Kumar D November 20, HEllo Sir , I followed your Method 6 It works only for few minutes and again same problem, again if i follow same method it works for few minutes.. Summary Go to Mobile network settings from Settings.

    Scelo Kenneth October 11, Hi are used method 4 help me only 1day so I want 2know what I must to do now. Zsolt July 29, Sonia Kwiecinska July 3, Tina February 17, Hel Racer February 1, Jabs Fast January 5, Tom November 16, Rich November 15,