Iphone 5s touch id button replacement


  1. Apple Pairs Every Touch ID Sensor To Its A7 Chip To Make Them Super Secure
  2. Any possibility to replace Homebutton AND have Touch ID still working?
  3. SOLVED: Replace iPhone 5S Home button with touch ID still working? - iPhone 5s - iFixit
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Izdihar izdihar. If anyone happen to come across my situation, do let me know whats the best way to solve my situation.

And i remember having a spare of an iphone 6 but only its motherboard internally damaged. No damages externally. Mainly, the reason to why i wanted to do this only because of my spoilt touch id and the other spare iphone 6's touch id works perfectly fine. My phone is iphone 5s. Sem B sembl. Marko Himanka saltwater. If you transfer the original home button it will definitely work.

So if you take it to a store to fix the screen make sure you tell them to switch the home button, so you can keep your touch assist. Porana porana There must be some method of programming new touch id since there is a QR code printed over the socket. I strongly beleive this is the clue. But how?

I have no clue! There are 5 or 6 pieces with a QR code, so Apple nows if one of these pieces are changed. When changed no longer Apple service.

Apple Pairs Every Touch ID Sensor To Its A7 Chip To Make Them Super Secure

Fruity fruity Hi, does anyone know which chip it is on the flex cable that is paired to the logic board? So which chip is it? Ben justcallmeben. Can I use another ribbon from another 6S non OEM as a replacement, but keep the existing original button, would the button id work?

Erwin Tieng. Any other damage for the iPhone would be estimated around the same cost. A K cammy My iphone 5 cracked and my home button has fallen off. The homebutton however is still in good condition just that its broken off from its cables. Can i still fix the screen, whilst reviving touch id using the original home button? How would it connect to the replacement lcd? Give me ur takes on my issue pls. Bryce ud A good chunk of phone repair stores have a machine that pairs your home button with the phone. Selecciona un Idioma: Es esta una buena pregunta? Votado Deshacer.

Any possibility to replace Homebutton AND have Touch ID still working?

Ever fixed something? Share your repair story with ImAGenius. We Are All Geniuses. Tom Chai tomchai Rep: Literally not possible if you replace the button.

Thanks very much for the info' bro. Good share.. Andeh peters mrandeh Rep: I tried your method and in my case on iPhone 6S wont work. Josh W joshw Rep: Touch ID is pretty freaking solid security. I'll give Apple a win on this one. There has to be something storing the identifier. Doesn't there? Reece reecee Rep: This is my logic: Richard itechsnow Rep: That white home button, was it original Apple home button, just from other iPhone? Hello, just to let you know how..

Kam Rep: So all you guys asking about "does the 5s have a storable chip info" The thing is, imagine an abacus. You have three reds and then three blues. Of course it is a row of chips reading 1's and 0's. But the chip reader inside the phone sees the three red and three blue and says ok. It is hard wired, in chips.

It is not a readable programme as such the chip just read a series of chips under the home button, it then does it's thang and says yep, ok that's the right chips in the right order. Maybe to expand a little, there is an algorithm that , after the chip on the home button is "read", it puts the algorithm into play and says yep, 37 that's the one. The bottom line is, there is no programmable information to be stored. Paulo Alexandre Rep: Could be luck or not but since they did it, it worth a try.

But yes, you can have the home button replaced by an independent repairer, but the fingerprint sensor won't work as only Apple can reprogram the button to match your motherboard. Having an independent replace anything on your phone will mean forgoing post warranty support in the future. As you have done a self-repair Apple will not have anything to do with your phone. Your only option is to find a reliable independent repairer. There is no way to restore the Touch ID functionality, but the button can be replaced.

If your iOS version is 9.

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If it is an earlier version your phone will no longer work at all error 53 until you update iOS from DFU mode. Apple won't touch it under any circumstances.

SOLVED: Replace iPhone 5S Home button with touch ID still working? - iPhone 5s - iFixit

You forfeited all rights to service from Apple on that phone when you opened it up. Apr 20, 4: Maybe you should add the fact to your posts, that you are, according to your profile, an " Independent repair technician of consumer electronics, including but not limited to Apple products", which could make your statements a bit one-sided sometimes.

Apr 20, 5: As far as other comments are concerned I usually give ALL of the options.

  1. Replace iPhone 5S Home button with touch ID still working?.
  2. RESUELTO:Any possibility to replace Homebutton AND have Touch ID still working? - iPhone 6 - iFixit.
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I'm for repair Can you replace the iPhone 5S Fingerprint button? And by tying Touch ID sensors to their accompanying A7 chips, Apple also rules out the possibility that hacked home buttons could intercept communications between the two.

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Apple really has gone to great lengths to make Touch ID secure, then. Hyperspektiv app glitches up your photos and videos [Review].

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