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And the best part is, it also gives you detailed step-by-step instructions. Graphing calculators are very powerful in calculating long equations and plotting them on the Cartesian plane. Good Grapher is a notebook style calculator where you can solve the equations which are displayed on the notebook page.

In this app, you get a couple of plotting options like 2d plotters and 3d plotters. You can solve polynomials up to 3 variables.

You can also share the plotted graph with other people or use it for your homework. It has a scientific calculator on the main screen where you can compute all the functions which are displayed like a notebook which is useful for keeping a record. You plot the graph by tapping the options button on the top left and selecting the option of either 2d or 3d graph.

Which is the Best Calculator App for iPad?

It also has an inbuilt MathSolver which lets you solve polynomials, you enter the constant values of the corresponding variables and it displays the result. Geometry has always been my favorite part of Maths until they introduced complex shapes and figures. It was always confusing to understand where to use which formula to calculate the area and the volume. Geometry Calculator is a specially developed app for this purpose.

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You can calculate the Area, perimeter, and volume for the geometric shapes listed in the app. It has most shapes like triangle, rectangle, polygons, and circles. It also has 3d shapes like sphere, cube, cylinder, pyramid, etc. To calculate, you need to tap on one of the shapes and it shows all the parameters which you can calculate for the shape. It not only calculates it with the given inputs but also shows the formula and procedure which makes it easier to understand.

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Download Geometry. CalcTape Paper Tape Calculator: It is a tape-style calculator which keeps the result on a digital paper. For a look and feel of the tape calculators used in retail stores, this apps takes the spot. Electrical Calculator: This app is very useful if you wish to convert voltage and power and current. It has an option to calculate the resistance of a resistor using color-coded rings.

Unit Converter: Spotlight search will do basic addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication for you. It will even convert units like currency and length. The same goes for Siri.

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Tap and hold the Home button and just tell Siri to do some multiplication or conversion for you. Do you use your iPad to get work done?

How to find calculator on ipad

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Calculator Pro for iPad Free 3. MyScript Calculator MyScript is a calculator app with a twist. MyScript Calculator Free 4. Calcbot Free 5. Or Just Use Spotlight or Siri If all you want to do is basic math or currency conversion, you might not need a calculator app at all. Disclaimer This website is not owned by, is not licensed by nor is a subsidiary of Apple Inc. The content of this website is not supplied or reviewed by Apple Inc. Review smart concepts and use the ones that can enhance your understanding also get better grades in the exam.

Featuring beautiful graphs and compatibility with many languages, Photomath has the quality to be your intelligent personal tutor. Free Download. Another feature that makes it super handy is a large collection of themes. That means you get more chance to tweak the look of the calculator as per your requirements. The app shows both the equation and result at once to let you carry out your task smoothly. Advanced editing function allows you to go back and forth with ease so that you can calculate with more flexibility. Compatibility with many scientific functions enables you to solve even complicated Maths without breaking any sweat.

It supports handwriting as well so that you can add important points to your calculations.

How to Reinstall Default Apps Deleted from iPhone or iPad

If you have a liking for customization, multiple themes would light up the entire show for you! The app offers very responsive results, letting you edit any number on the intuitive canvas. You can use the attached text label to annotate your number elegantly. Take advantage of real-time graphing to explore various things such as bank interest rates and trigonometric functions. Even better, you will share your canvas as a high-quality PDF or be able to print it as well.

The auto-updating currency rates help you get the accurate results. Besides, the app lets you comfortably access your common scientific functions. Thanks to the custom animations and sound effects, it also keeps the fun elements intact. You can do calculations over multiple lines and edit out your mistakes with ease.

Use words alongside numbers and instantly access your previously stored results. Custom variables can offer more flexibility and also speed up your work.

9 Best Calculator Apps for iPad Without Ads | TechWiser

Moreover, it has a dedicated keyboard to let you view and use them. You can use this app to graph up to four equations at once. Besides, you will also graph in polar coordinates and parametric equations. Another notable feature of this app is the ability to convert different units of a number of things like acceleration, angle, area, density, distance, energy, force, mass and more. It will come in very handy in letting you carry out your physics homework.

Furthermore, EduCalc Classic can live up to the mark as a scientific calculator as well.