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One method of getting your personal hotspot option back is to Reset Network Settings. This will reset every network setting including Wi-Fi passwords you have saved into your iPhone. Under Settings, tap on General. Tap on it. Apps like Onavo is said to be great for managing data, however it also installs a network profile to your iPhone which is said to cause issues that remove the Personal Hotspot settings from the iPhone.

After uninstalling the network profile created by a data-managing app, you should uninstall the data managing app too by tapping and holding the app icon until the X button appears on the left top corner of the app icon. Tap on that X to uninstall it. If you have previously installed a data disabling profile to block GPRS, EDGE or 3G Internet connection in an earlier iPhone to avoid extra charges for data network access, try to delete that particular installed profile.

It might be able to bring Personal Hotspot option back. Tap the profile name like " Disable Edge 3G " and tap " Remove " to discard the particular profile. Upon installation, launch iPhone Configration Utility. Select installed profiles like "Disable Data Services", "Disable Edge 3G" or a similar profile name, press Delete to remove it from your iPhone configuration profiles.

You should check if other your WiFi-enabled devices laptop, tablet, etc. Meanwhile, a simple bug that interrupts your WiFi connection could happen. Try to reconnect to the hotspot you are currently connected to. Go to Settings — Wi-Fi to turn it off and then back on. If the problem still exists, try to ignore this WiFi hotspot and reconnect to it with the login credential. If nothing works, maybe you should consider restarting your iOS devices, especially when it has been a long time since your last reboot.

To keep it running smoothly and buglessly, regular quitting and rebooting should be a routing. Rebooting the devices may even fix half of your problems. Quitting the unneeded open apps will help free up some memory for the system and other useful apps. Try to reboot them and see if it helps. First of all, location.

Missing Personal Hotspot on iPhone/iPad? How to Fix This

Where do you put it? I know that a WiFi router is not an artwork you want to display to your guest but it deserves a better place to stay. Keep this in mind: Wireless signals can be blocked by various household obstructions and materials check the Household Things that Block WiFi Signals: The perfect spot to place your WiFi router is the center of your house, where the signals can be spread evenly. Next, try to reboot your router. Most of the WiFi network issues may be like other many system issues that can be solved by a simple reboot. When the router is back to its working state, find out if the problem lingers.

First, make sure that your router is using the AC standard Wi-Fi 5 with up to 6. Different brands and types of routers may have different steps to set the AC standard so you may need to check the help manual or search for the online tutorial to do that. Choose the proper WiFi frequencies. There are several frequency ranges provided by A higher frequency gives you the better speeder with smaller coverage while a lower frequency comes with a lower speed, but a wider coverage.

The WiFi channel is also a factor that has an influence on connection speed, which is closely related to the band the router uses. If you live in a private house without many neighbors around, then you may skip this part because your WiFi channel is highly unlikely to be overloaded; if you live in an apartment building, this suggestion could be very handy to help improve your WiFi speed.

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Each band consists of many channels within its frequency, while your WiFi router does not use all of them. It will use a specific channel, which highly possibly overlaps with other channels nearby in the spectrum — when all the other WiFi networks use the same channels that are close to each other, the wireless signals get interfered and the speed is downgraded. To avoid this trouble, you need to choose the less-crowded channel in the settings of your router, which may differ for different brands of routers. How can you tell which channel is the best least interfered channel? You can choose a channel and feel if the speed improves by streaming a video or something like that, or for more specific results, go to a speed test site to test the speed.

When turned on, it will flexibly switch your iPhone to the cellular connection when WiFi signals are too weak or none signal is detected, keeping iPhone connected. Most of us are using iOS 12 now but before that, iOS 11, the eleventh major release of the iOS mobile operating system, was released in September To share your WiFi password with others, there are some certain requirements that you must comply with:. Now if you have met all the requirements listed above, you can start to share your WiFi network without revealing your password to others around. Now, the unconnected device should be able to access the Internet via your wireless network.

If you want to share WiFi with more devices, just repeat the aforesaid steps. The problems you have may be temporary, which can be fixed via some easy methods. Now let me introduce to you these solutions and maybe it will work out in several taps. It is mentioned before but I feel the necessity to stress it here again: All of the devices, your device and the device that you want to share the WiFi password with, must be updated. To check if your system is up to date, go to Settings — General — Software Update. You need to plug your iPhone in to charge or it must have at least a half battery life.

Like we said before, restart can solve most of the minor problems occasionally. A reboot will give you a fresh and clean start. Sometimes there are some problems in your current WiFi connection, although it seems working fine. These problems will lead to failure of sharing the WiFi password. You can turn WiFi off and on to try fixing the connectivity glitches. Although the range of the Bluetooth is about 33 feet 10 meters , we suggest you put them as close as you can because there may be some obstructions and interference. Using dictionary words in your passwords will make it easier for hackers to crack them because there are electronic dictionary hacking tools out there that can launch a dictionary attack , which will use a file containing dictionary words.

This type of attack is created to aim the people who use exactly dictionary words as their password. Sometimes, the attackers may acquire your info from some websites and service providers by hacking into their servers. However, sometimes you may have to blame nobody but yourself because you may have overshared yourself on your social media account.

Adding some special characters to your password can strengthen it. You must notice that not all special characters are supported by your device and operating system. The longer your password is, the harder to break it. Longer passwords will require much more time to crack. A modern brute-force attack tool can easily decrypt a seven or fewer digit password so you should make it at least 8-digit the longer the better. Where do you keep your WiFi passwords?

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I really need a password manager tool to help save them and keep them safe. I just need to remember the single key password to unlock the file. Well, the best, easiest and safest way to keep your WiFi password as well as other passwords , is to write them down on a piece of paper or a note and keep them in a securely locked place. If you decide to go electronic for the password saving without using any password management software, it is risky. If you save them in a text or Word or Excel file without any password-protection, any attackers who have gained access to your computer can easily have them.

At least make sure you add a password to them somehow e. Do not leave the file on your desktop. The longer you use a lock for your house, the bigger the chance it gets tampered by thieves. The same applies in case of your password. Changing your WiFi password regularly on a bimonthly or monthly basis would be perfect to guard your WiFi network against various attacks. Just one thing to keep in mind: Include the numbers, special marks, uppercase and lowercase letters, randomly scramble all digits, etc.

It is the best password if it looks a mess and means nothing to you. Meanwhile, if you need some clue to memorize the password, you can pick the first letters of all the words in an idiom, phrase, or any sentence that means something to you e. Most of us use various sorts of mobile apps on our iPhones and Android phones to watch video, play games, buy things and surf websites. Sometimes, after a period of using, the phones get overheated. You may even be able to feel the increasing warmness of your phones while you stream a video or play online games — one of the reasons is the battery charging which causes excess heat.

The faster you drain the battery and recharge it, the more heat your devices get. After all, a hot cell phone is not something comfortable to hold in your hand or stick to your face.

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Literally, it could cause low-temperature scald and an overheated phone is especially unsafe for smaller kids with soft skin. No evidence shows that cellphone overheating has anything to do with the things above. Then, what on earth is causing the heat? Before we come to more possible reasons, there is one thing we must determine: Of course, normal phone use should not be hot; if it is, there might be a problem. But hey, warm and hot are two different things. If you are using your camera intensively to take photos and record videos, it will be heated.

When shooting the video, the higher solution and frame rate you choose, the faster your phone gets heated. We suggest you stand the heat for a while or prepare a digital camera in advance.

Download Wifi Hotspot for iPhone - Best Software & Apps

Yet, they are complaining to me about the quick draining of phone battery, the declining speed of the device, and the increasing temperature. Keep this in mind that your operating system and all the running apps, background or not, require RAM. When your phone RAM is used up, the system performance will be dragged down and the device temperature will rise fast.

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  • So, give your phone a break and terminate the background apps earlier. If you have been keeping these apps on for a long time, it is suggested that you close them all and reboot the device. Your smartphones are just like computers, which could be infected by viruses or intruded by other spyware, adware, bloatware and more malicious disgusting stuff. You are not that naive to think that these vicious developers of various malware will give a crap about how hot your phone is right? All they need is your data, privacy and put their hands into your wallet. Go to Google Play and Apple App store to look for a malware checking tool and run a complete scan over your system.

    Personal Hotspot not working on your iPhone? Here's what to do

    Here is an iPhone and Android malware checker tool with some guidance on how to use it. A very common and obvious yet quite easy to be overlooked cause of the heat is the smartphone case. Plastic cases and leather cases share the same problem: The metal cases are not better either. Check this article to find out the advantages and disadvantages of varieties of phone case materials. If you are staying at a place where you can put your phone steadily on your desk or your bed table, we suggest you take your phone out of the case because it is highly unlikely it will it will crash on the floor or something.

    The phone case is an eye-catching element for a smartphone but you have to be picky and considering heat that they may cause. When it comes to solving overheating, a thin phone case is better than a thick one. However, some of you may prefer a thick case to prevent to prevent scratches and damages caused by daily using, carrying or dropping. Phone Battery Charger Case is more and more popular but it is also not a proper choice for an overheated phone. A charging case is usually thicker than a common case and the larger capacity comes with the larger size. If your phone can be easily overheated, but you need extra battery power for your phone because you are always on the way to somewhere and do not have the time and power socket to recharge it.

    Usually, Portable Power Banks can store much more battery power than charging cases. Finally, think twice before you use a phone case. Do you really need that? The state or your phone battery, charging port and the charging cable is also related to the overheating. Normal battery charging should not be causing issues due to heating; if you have some problems caused by the heat, maybe your battery is damaged.

    Remember the horrible mass Samsung battery explosion injuries that lead to a voluntary recall of about 2. If you ignore the overheating caused by damaged battery, that could happen. The quality charger cable is should also be considered. The materials and the techniques used in the head may be completely different.

    A small amount of investment in charging cable can help keep your battery safe.

    Here are some tips on how to choose a good charging cable for your phone. The broken charging port can also cause the heating problem. If your charging port is not working properly, your phone can get harmed by simple charging. There are some signs that show that your phone charging port may be broken:. If you really need to fix your phones, go to the phone repair shops nearby or the seller for help.

    Before that, you can google for troubleshooting. If you can find trustworthy repair specialists online and you have a backup phone ready, you can mail your cellphone with the broken charging port to them for repair. Mostly, the repairing process of replacing a charging port should take less than an hour. It is composed of two separate parts: The magnetic charging cable has many advantages compared to traditional cables.

    You charging cable charging cord is something you should not neglect when it comes to overheating. When a part of it gets broken, you just unplug it from the connector, cut the damaged part off and plug the rest of it back into the connector. Meanwhile, if you prefer traditional charging cable or do not want to ditch your authentic charging cables which are working fine, there are some tips and tricks to protect them from getting worn out.

    Again, WiFi itself does not cause the overheating. However, there are many suspicious apps some of them are even famous are drawing on your WiFi network and others in the background without your permission — their behaviors can cause the heat.