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Nova Launcher Battery Drain?

By Faspaiso , Senior Member on 9th November , Thread Deleted Email Thread. Join Date: Nov My Devices: OP Senior Member. Sep Tucson, AZ.

Feb As my venomous friend said, the stock launcher will be idle, so it won't drain battery. As far as launchers go, Nova is pretty "light". I doubt there'd be any additional drain when compared to the stock launcher, and if there is, it'd be insignificant, especially on a marathon runner like the Xperia Z3.

I've been using Nova for two weeks now.

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Got it the day I received my Sprint Gnex and upgraded the next day to Prime. I had one issue where a widget crashed right after installing Nova, but I was installing a lot of new stuff that week. I've updated Nova and not had any problems with it since the one time. Highly recommended. Tim K Android Expert. Nov 2, 1, Male Phila, PA.

[Q] Does Nova Launcher use more battery than standard launcher?

Been running Nova for-ever it seems. No problems since it came out of Beta. Outatime likes this. I've been on Nova since I got the Nexus in December.

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No problems here either - at least not any detectable ones. Stigy Some say Nov 5, 4, 3, Male.

Nova launcher Battery Drain - OnePlus Community

Same as the two above me. Been running Nova since its launch - no excessive battery drain or lag from it at all. RazorSharp Android Expert. Nov 17, 2, 1, Male Boston, MA. Not sure if thats normal or i tinkered too much with battery settings. Nova has used more battery than ever before on this last charge. The only thing I've really done different is the wallpaper. I usually have sold black no scrolling. I changed that to an HD wallpaper with scrolling. Turned off scrolling, I'll see over the next charge if it causes a change.

I'm noticing that Android 9 is saying Nova is using a ton of my battery also.

Nova Launcher draining battery?

I saw a Reddit yesterday where nova recommended a user uninstall and reinstall without using backup. Could be by starting fresh in new versions of Android that it works better. If I find the Reddit post again, I will try to share it here. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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