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  1. Hotmail says my password is incorrect, but I know it’s right. What do I do?
  2. How to Update Exchange Account Settings on an iOS 11 Device
  3. Part 1. How to Reset Email Password on iPhone
  4. Part 2. How to Reset Yahoo Password on iPhone

Can you please verify if you've enabled Two-Step verification? Please refer to the steps below to check: Sign in to your Microsoft account by going to http: Just in case you've enabled Two-Step Verification, you will need an app password to access your account when using mail apps. For more information, please visit the article below: App passwords and two-step verification. Did this solve your problem? Yes No. Sorry this didn't help. Please provide your affected email address on the private message I've created for further investigation. Make sure that you're signed in here to view the message.

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How to change your Exchange password on an iPhone

Brenda Created on October 23, Tried changing the password shorter has some blogs say. I have made them have different passwords. I have tried deleting the account, restoring the phone and recreating. It continues after the IOS 7. This thread is locked. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread. I have the same question Previous Next. Prior to starting this procedure, obtain your account-specific information from the Customer Portal according to the following article: How to Obtain Exchange Account Information. To edit Exchange email account server settings on an iPhone or iPad take the following steps: From the Home screen tap Settings.

Tap the Exchange or other Email account to update. Tap the email address next to Account. Update the account settings as needed and tap Done. Article ID: Thanks a bunch. It may be just a timing issue; one of my accounts will work for days, then suddenly show that password-failure message. I just press [esc] to dismiss the box — no re-typing or other steps are necessary! I had an issue once where I was going under accounts and changing the password.

Had to restart the computer to make the password stick. Mind you this was 15 minutes after restarting the computer for a separate problem. Art and RM have the right idea: Sentence 4 has nothing to do with the Mail issue. I have had this problem on and off for 4 years now. I ignore the message.

I know all passwords are entered correctly. It does seem to do it less than it used to and it does seem to appear more with my one aol email account. However the same thing happens periodically with my gmail and icloud accounts as well. I have found that trying to fix it only makes it worse. This solution worked for me.

Mine is an administrator password. If yes, then a exit out press red button at top left , then b right click the highlighted line item, and c select the delete option. This fixed my AOHell issue too! Been going mad for the last 48 hours trying to fix this issue!


Hotmail says my password is incorrect, but I know it’s right. What do I do?

Thank you so much. Instructions were clear, concise and worked beautifully.

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I tried your idea, and all my passwords dealing with AOL were the correct one, and the same. I can go to AOL web mail, sign in using my password and download all my mail, but not through MacMail. I tried the same idea with Verizon. Macmail is a horrible program that should not still be used. I have tried to figure this problem out but it just does not go away. It seems all the issues I run into with apple takes weeks for them to isolate and resolve.

This is not the apple I remember from a couple years ago. There has been a noticeable regression in support and reliability in Apple products over the years. Was having a problem with Yosemite Mail. Went to the settings for the Hotmail account in Mail. Opened Keychain Access. Tried to send mail again. Entered the Hotmail account password and now everything is working.

I have been fighting the email problems for some time now. Fixing the keychain has fixed it this time and I hope it is permanent. I found a number of Orphans left from previous passwords setups.

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Eliminating should eliminate the errors in both sending and receiving. The problems were inability to send and then the persistent asking for the password.

How to Update Exchange Account Settings on an iOS 11 Device

Ever since the upgrade to Yosemite my mail keeps forgetting the passwords, never had a problem before and the upgrade is the only thing that changed. Why is Apple sending out software with bugs for everyone else to report instead of fixing before its released? I waited to switch over to Yosemite hoping these bugs would be fixed but obviously not. What else can I use? I used to love MAIL.

Already repeated the process like 4 times. Trying to set up new Exchange account. Works fine on iPad and iPhone, but I get the dreaded pop-up password message on my iMac v Have tried deleting and reentering several times with same result. Any ideas? I deleted the account and re-installed and I had no pop-up for one day, then it reappeared. Tried all of the above again and still have had no luck. Any help would be so much appreciated. Definitely a keychain issue in my case — having had to change the email password previously keychain was trying to revert on my mac.

Annoying had worked fine on both iPad and iPhone. After using the second solution on here and then clearing keychain history it is working fine. Thank you, very helpful article. Thank you soooo much, OSX daily — you have fixed me! I have Yosemite and it was problem 3; outgoing mail. Such clear instructions, even a technotwit like me could do it. Now if you could just come sort out my microwave, too….. I have sent several test emails incoming and outgoing with success. Only wished I had discovered your advice before spending a day figuring this out.

Yes, me too. I go through this literally every day between my 2 mail accounts, one of them is off line. Delete the old passwords out of your keychain access password screen and go back into MAIL app and reenter the passwords there. This has been a problem for so many people for such a long time!

Part 1. How to Reset Email Password on iPhone

It worked for me. My first mac drove me crazy but i am very happy now. The problem I had was 4 accounts not accepting repeated entry of correct password. I went to Internet Accounts, to no avail.

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Today I went back to Mail. Same four acting stupid. As with these, I have run into a few other instances where saved passwords in browsers had suddenly disappeared.

Part 2. How to Reset Yahoo Password on iPhone

I suspect that whatever did that in the browsers also created the problem in Mail. Section 3 was the solution in my case, where I only got the error upon sending emails. I had the same problem. I went into my mail settings and reset my recovery email address and phone number and Voila! Got the same problem for all of a sudden for one email account both incoming and outgoing , and the next day the incoming mail for another mailbox started asking for password as well.

Very annoying. Turn it off, then fix your settings which Mac mail is likely to have fucked up thoroughly and voila, things will work. In my case Mac mail all of a sudden was of the opinion that my accounts did not need any authentication, or that authentication was based on certificate rather than password.

I have recently got a MacBook Air and am having problems each time I come back to it after a day or two. Does anyone have any ideas how to fix it? How would this work on an iphone? Thanks for this well-written article. This step-by-step recipe got me going again.