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Having everything on by default is creepy and uses data. On Androids, go to Settings then "Location" under the Personal heading , then slide the green button upper right to the off position. Here's something else that was pointed out to me recently that falls in the creepy, crawly category: Then go to one of the last buttons, and tap Frequent Locations. Tired yet? If this is ON, it'll show you that your phone has tracked you around to all of the locations you've been in recent days and weeks.

GV Connect — Google Voice for iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad

Maybe you want to turn that OFF. Here's what your iPhone says about this: Not me. Cellular Data Unless you truly want to turn off all your data, period, a better, more permanent option may be leaving your main Cellular Data option in the on position. Then, go down the list of apps that can and want to use your data. You should go down the list and decide this: Which of these apps do I want to use badly enough to potentially spend money using them?

Clearly, navigation apps will use data unless you have Wi-Fi in your vehicle. So that's important. Even if you've turned off your Wi-Fi Assist button, your phone can still use data and not Wi-Fi legitimately or by mistake. Turning off your Cellular Data puts a padlock on your data. To turn it off, go to Settings, then Cellular Data. Toggle the button from green to white.

Step 2: Tell Gmail to notify you about the important messages

It's off. If you forget to turn your Cellular Data back on, and you leave your home or workplace or school Wi-Fi, your phone will indicate that to you when you go to use it and can't get a connection. It will tell you, and then you can turn it back on. There are a couple of caveats to turning off all of your Cellular Data. You won't get Push Notifications -- dings and vibrations. Your phone will still ring, so calling won't be affected. But if you get a voicemail, you'll have to either turn Cellular Data back on, or you'll have to retrieve your voicemail using your numerical passcode that four-digit passcode you may have forgotten.

On an iPhone, hit your home button twice and swipe up on the apps you don't want running at that exact moment. On many Androids, hit your home button and click the bottom left box in the black bar, then the bottom right button with an x on it in the black bar. This closes all apps at once. Push Notifications If you get "push notifications," these use data.

5 Ways to Improve Push Notification Performance in 12222

If your phone vibrates or makes a noise when you get an email, or new Facebook post, or a Tweet notification, or an alert that an eBay item you want to buy is ending -- that's a push notification. Push notifications can be useful. But you need to manage your push notifications to do what you want them to do. On an iPhone, go to Settings, then Notifications. On Androids, go to Settings, then Sound and Notifications, then Application Notifications, then set each app individually.

Mail sync Many of us get email frequently through the day and night whether it's important or junk. On iPhones, you generally can choose whether you want it to Push, Fetch or be downloaded Manually, said Griffin, the iPhone repair store owner. If you choose Push, you get notified and the email is downloaded immediately.

This uses more data than the other options. If you choose Fetch, the phone will look for new emails at whatever interval you choose: Every 15 minutes, every 30 minutes, hourly or manually. If you choose Manually, you may choose through Notifications to be notified immediately when a new email comes in, but it won't download to your phone until you manually click on the app, Griffin said.

Mail sync can also cause a problem if a message gets stuck in your outbox, for whatever reason wrong address, too large of an attachment. It can chew data as it constantly tries to resend. Sending photos Sending photos through text messages, or posting them to Facebook or other social media does use data. This probably isn't going to cause you to use a ton of data, unless you send a ton of photos. But it's something to be aware of. Downloading apps or video If you download apps or video while you're on LTE data , you will use gargantuan amounts of data.

You should try to avoid doing this until you're on Wi-Fi. A second video is roughly the equivalent of 60 to 70 photos, Griffin said. Whether you have iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive or any other automatic backup, you should check your settings to see whether it will upload files only when you're on Wi-Fi.

On an iPhone, you want to go to iCloud, then iCloud Drive, then to the button that says: Use Cellular Data. If you toggle this off, your phone won't upload to the cloud unless you're on Wi-Fi. There may be times when you'd want it to upload immediately, just in case, such as if you shot photos of your child's graduation and wanted to make sure nothing happened to those photos in case you lost your phone before you got home.

Step 1: Decide what emails should notify you

But you can always back those up immediately and manually if you'd like, and keep the automatic setting on Wi-Fi only. Snapchat Snapchat is notorious for eating data, especially if it's running in the background when you're not on your phone. You should choose the app's Travel Mode to reduce the data chewing.

More than any other social media app, experts say Snapchat can gobble up data when you're not using the app if your settings aren't correct. Apple store On iPhones, your Apple Store items may be updating automatically through cellular data, Griffin said. Next to video, audio files are one of the biggest data suckers. You can disable it here with the Use Cellular Data button.

The copy comprises the text content of the notification, and the design is the image that accompanies the copy. A good creative product results when the copy and the design complement each other. Keeping the following in mind while drafting push notifications can help you achieve the sweet spot for your notifications: By default, the iOS allows anywhere between — characters and Android notification tray allows anywhere between — characters.

However, if you wish to get the best response to your push notifications, we strongly recommend a message which is not longer than 40 — 50 characters. The message is clear: Over time, it has been observed that brief and succinct messages get the job done better than lengthy phrases which users might tune out. Can one word change the way you feel about something? Imagine you are reading about a car accident. The words impact and crash can influence the way you perceive the seriousness of the incident.

Similarly, small changes in copy can make a tremendous difference in how users interact with the notification. The good folks at Buffer have compiled a list of power words that convert.

Firebase Cloud Messaging Push Notifications using the Android, PHP, MYSQL PART 1/2

Start adding the required punch your marketing needs with these powerful words today! Push notification action buttons are a great way to help the user get more done with your app. Action buttons in push notifications can help users book cabs, order items, get reminders and a lot more depending on your app.

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We blogged about push notification action buttons, including examples of apps using action buttons to drive usage and app value to the users, and created an infographic on how push notification action buttons can be used by different apps. Check it out here. According to studies, your mind can process an image 60, times faster than text. Images and other rich content can add zing to your notifications and make them interesting for the user, increasing their tendency to act on your notifications.

But keep in mind the following image dimensions while sending out push notifications: To find images, multiple sources provide free stock images with little or no attribution required. Some of the common sources of stock images are Pixabay , Unsplash , and Pexels. If you also wish to add some text to your images or perform basic image editing functions, I recommend the Pixlr online image editor.

Yes, users like to receive push notifications and find them somewhat useful, but you have to be mindful when nudging the user. Sending too many or untimely notifications can result in push notification spam, causing user backlash or even large-scale app uninstalls. There are two ways you can avoid doing this: A lot of apps still miss out on deep-linking.

Deep-linking means using powerful links that take the user to a specific page on the app. Deep-links help you acquire, engage and measure across all devices, channels, and platforms. This saves the user from the effort of navigating to the specific section of the app to access the information they acquired from the push notification. If you are new to deep-linking, try starting with a third party like Branch or Deeplink.

Have more ideas on how to improve the performance of push notifications? Let us know as comments below. Improve Push Notification Delivery The push notification delivery issue has been plaguing the mobile marketing industry for quite some time. Matahari Mall Matahari Mall is a leading e-commerce player in Indonesia. Ayopop Ayopop is the leading mobile recharge and payments app in Indonesia. A Focus on the User Flow A focus on user flow is the third latest development in push notifications, as it helps with customer retention.

Onboarding Flow Onboarding well is crucial for starting a good relationship with a customer.


Dynamic Product Messaging is ideal for: The possibilities are endless. Get creative Creative push notifications help you stand out in the already crowded notification tray. Does it stand out from the rest of the noise? Does the creative evoke an emotion? Does it cause the user to think deeper about something or your brand? How crisp and targeted is the creative message? Is it simple to understand? Is the creative capable of conveying the message in fewer words and images? Is the message about your brand? Does the message fit well into the overall marketing strategy and goals?

Pay attention to message length By default, the iOS allows anywhere between — characters and Android notification tray allows anywhere between — characters. Use the right words: