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Add to cart. Clarity XLC3. This phone is as close to perfect as I could find It is not only easy to use and program, but it is easy and the best phone for adjusting volume and tone. The ringer is adjustable and loud enough that buying an accessory ringer is not needed. It has all the features you would want in any phone including caller ID. This model does not have an answering machine included and that was perfect for me in that I already had an answering service. The company's reputation for being a leader in cordless phones for hard of hearing is well deserved.

If there is a better phone for the hard of hearing, I would be surprised Easy to see for the user. Parcon Jersey City, NJ. Very happy with the product. I purchased 2 for my mom as she has 2 places. It's been a great help for communicating with her as she is extremely hard of hearing. List Price: You Save: Tatsapaugh Greensboro, NC. This is their latest model, the CapTel i, and it is a well designed and built device. Very simple to use with simple and well labeled function buttons. We bought it for my wife who has limited hearing in only one ear and she loves it. Like the ad says you must have a high speed internet connection for it to work well.

We are using the Wi-Fi connection which works just fine.

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It is a sturdy well built device, nothing flimsy about it. The 10" screen is great.

Telephone equipment for users who are deaf or with hearing loss

The captioning is provided by the FCC for hearing impaired people and is free after you contact them and register the device. This phone has many features such as saving your last conversation's captions for your review. If you are hearing impaired buy it. Only 17 left in stock - order soon. I wrote this when the phone came: This is a phone advertised for the aging. It may turn out to work as such but understanding the instructions is an impossible task for those of us who learned to think clearly and read the English language.

It's ridiculous. It took my Ph. Don't buy it unless you, too, have such a son. Here's what I think now: It turns out the company has wonderful, wonderful customer service and they'll almost reach out and hold your hand as they explain how to solve any question or problem in getting the phone to work satisfactorily. If you go online they also have video taped information about their customer service that could be spelled with all caps - SERVICE as well as a how-to segment.

I can only imagine, with the Clarity management that's in evidence on the Only 10 left in stock - order soon. I wanted magic to correct my poor hearing, and chose these because of a trusted recommendation. I like the weight and size of the handsets, the large numbers, and easy-to-read window, but I'm disappointed that I can hear clearly only by using the speaker.

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Telephones for the Deaf / Hard of Hearing

I do wear hearing aids. I think the word "severe" should be removed from the claim. Clarity Alto Only 19 left in stock - order soon. I did a lot of research in trying to find a phone for my dad that's easy to use but works well with his hearing aides. This phone is pretty pricey, but it does work well as advertised.

I definitely recommend it. After having it for 2 months, my parents like it and find it easy to use. I'd strongly recommend that you spend the time setting it up and being patience with testing it. Captions from your conversations can be saved and viewed at a later time provided your phone is connected to a land-line service and you have to have a reliable high-speed internet connection.

One customer who purchased it for her mother, who is 95, said that it was a great product and the most reasonably priced caption phone that she could find.

Customers and their families love the caption feature. Customers report that although the Ensemble is very economical — it is the least expensive hearing-impaired phone in our Top 5 Review — they do not have to give up the quality and features that are normally only available on more expensive phones. The Clarity BT Amplified Bluetooth hearing impaired phone is designed for people who have mild to moderate hearing loss. While it is not as versatile regarding levels of hearing deficiency, we chose to include this phone because of its outstanding cordless and Bluetooth technology - the Clarity BT is the only hearing impaired phone in our Top 5 Review that has hands-free Bluetooth capabilities and is also hearing aid-compatible.

This cordless, hands-free, hearing-impaired phone works well with land-lines, but can be easily paired with your Bluetooth enabled cell phone for conversations on-the-go. The advanced technology that provides crystal clear quality while sitting next to the handset also allows you to use the this phone with the same exceptional clarity in your backyard, sitting under an oak tree. One customer purchased the Clarity BT as a gift for a neighbor who struggled to hear on the phone, and said her friend loves the phone.

The two women are able to check in multiple times each day, and the customer added that they are consistently able to hear each other perfectly. Another user who purchased a set of five phones for his home said they are the best phone on the market for the price. The BT is considered to be a moderately priced phone. Several customers who served in the military left five-star reviews for this phone. One gentleman said that the phone is "outstanding" — even without his hearing aid. This powerful phone is compact — it is the smallest phone in our Top 5 Review.

The BT is compatible with expansion up to five separate handsets, so you can have hearing impaired phones in many different rooms throughout your home. Customers love the display screen, and many comment that it helps to have a visual aid and caller identification. A woman who purchased this phone for her mother said that they are both thrilled to be able to chat on the phone again without the frustration of constantly being asked to repeat herself.

Bewarned App for Deaf and Hard of Hearing

She added that she has tried other hearing-impaired devices and this one has a louder ring tone and works better than any other. Another customer praised the BT for having large buttons, to make dialing the phone "easier and less stressful". This unique phone also acts as an emergency alert communication and is specifically designed for people with severe hearing loss who may live alone.

The phone stores six emergency numbers for speed and ease of contact, in addition to featuring a large emergency button and a battery-operated, waterproof wrist remote control that can also be attached to a neck lanyard. Geemarc is the only hearing impaired phone that also acts as a medical alert system, notifying the person of your choice that you are in an emergency situation. This exceptional hearing impaired phone allows you and your loved ones the peace of mind of knowing that if anything happens, you can call them with the push of a button — without the cost of a monthly monitoring fee.

The phone allows you to pre-record an outgoing SOS message to six of your closest family members or friends. With a push of your emergency button, the calls will be made automatically to the people that you have chosen as emergency contacts.

We’re the National Deaf Children’s Society

Geemarc suggests that the emergency feature not be used to contact the authorities or medical facilities, only friends and relatives. The phone will automatically dial your selected emergency contact every 30 seconds, for two cycles, before moving on to the next contact. Customers appreciate the fact that this phone can be mounted on the wall or used as a desk-type phone, and with more than 31 five-star evaluations from certified users, this emergency phone earned its spot on our Top 5 Review.

A recent customer purchased this phone for his wife. Her face, he said, lit up like a Christmas tree. The emergency feature was the most important issue for him — he said that it is what sold him on the phone. He added that it gives them both great peace of mind when they have to be apart for short periods of time.

Another customer said this phone has "given her mother back to her". A woman purchased the Geemarc for her father, who she says is nearly deaf. At 81 years old, she doubted that he could operate a technologically enhanced phone - but after reading the reviews, she bought it for him. She said that the speaker function has been a "lifesaver", and her father had no trouble learning how to use the emergency phone.

She added that he never shared his feeling of isolation, until after he got the phone and was able to communicate with her and with his friends. Sliding into the number two spot in our Top 5 Review is the only hearing impaired phone with specific features for people who are also visually impaired.

This unique phone has large, high-contrast keys with raised dots representing letters and numbers, as well as a one-touch repeat dial function. Customers can pre-set up to ten memory speed-dial phone numbers to call for emergency help with the push of one button. The JV35W is durable and reliable, built to the highest standards for years of use. It is quick and easy to install, and versatile enough to serve people with multiple special needs. It also has a unique talk-back feature, where the phone verbally confirms each button that you push. Reviews from customers and certified users were consistently excellent.

The clear majority of the evaluations were from people who were visually impaired and hearing impaired, so the JV35W is the clear choice for customers who need a more versatile special needs telephone. Customers love the design aesthetic of this phone. A gentleman in Florida said that he loves the stark white phone with large black numbers, and that the contrast makes it easier to use. He detailed his experience with the talk-back feature, saying he dials the wrong number less frequently because the phone tells him the numbers as he pushes them. An evaluation from the daughter of a woman who suffers from hearing and visual impairment as well as dementia was quite thorough.

Her mother could not see or hear her standard telephone. She often became alarmed when she could not reach her mom. This customer said the large black, Braille numbers and the convenient volume button have helped her mother immensely. A gentleman received this phone as a gift from his wife. He said that he appreciates the loud ringer, but finds it difficult to ignore, and now answers the phone more often. An year-old certified user said that after three months of use, the JV35W has changed his life.

Thanks to this phone, he now talks to his daughter and granddaughter every day. He loves the large dial pad, he said that he can see all of the numbers again. We recommend this phone for its full TTY capabilities as well as the myriad of features that will allow this phone to continue to provide for your distinct requirements, should your hearing continue to deteriorate. It features a bright display with a backlit screen and an exceptionally comfortable keyboard for typing out your conversations.

Even customers with fairly normal hearing may need visual cues like the closed caption feature on the to fully comprehend words or speech they may not have heard correctly.

Best Phones for the Hearing Impaired

The VCO voice carry over feature, allows your loved ones who are severely hearing-impaired to speak to you and read your typed response. VCO solves numerous communication issues. In addition to serving the hearing-impaired, it also allows people who have speech impediments or cannot speak clearly to make HCO hearing carry over calls so that they can converse with their family and friends. The unique diversity of this phone cements its spot in the number one position.

Nearly all of the customers surveyed said that they cannot recommend the Uniphone highly enough, and would give it ten stars if they were allowed. They insist that it has changed their lives and allows them to communicate more fully with their family and friends. Legendary durability is the leading comment from certified users — a customer in St. Louis said that she has had her phone for more than ten years and it still works and looks great.

The 5 Best Hearing Impaired Telephones

She said it was the best money she has ever spent on special needs equipment, and it has greatly improved her quality of life. This feature is important if the conversations include instructions or medical information that may need to be retained for future use. Customer evaluations consistently rate this phone at five-stars. They say that their Uniphone is a great telephone, but the additional features like the amplified handset and the TTY, VCO, HCO and printer connectivity features really elevate it above other hearing and sight-impaired devices.