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Excepting the music songs on your iPhone, the Ringtone Maker App allows you to load music from other sources as well.

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Tap on the button on the top left corner, you will see a screen as shown in Figure 5 below. You can record your own voice and save as ringtones; you can import songs from your computer through iTunes file sharing; Dropbox users can download their music from Dropbox account; you can also email yourself music files and open them with the ringtone maker.

Figure 5.

5 Best and Free iPhone Ringtone Maker App You Must Have in 2018

Figure 6. So you first need to transfer ringtones from iPhone to computer through email, Dropbox or iTunes file sharing. See Figure 6 above. Then add the transferred ringtones from computer to iTunes and sync your iPhone through iTunes. If you like to assign different ringtones for different contacts. Press the "Home" button to return to the home screen.

Top 10 Best Ringtone Apps for iPhone

It is ideal tool if you like to make text tone, alerts as well. We will add this feature as soon as possible once Apple supports it in the future. Great to make custom ringtones. Would recommend this app. It was so simple for me. I made the ringtone out of a song, emailed it to myself, downloaded the ringtone put it in my tones for my computer and then my phone, synced everything up and I was ready to go with my new ringtone.

This app cuts out the middle man.

How to make a custom ringtone for your iPhone, with GarageBand on iOS - 9to5Mac

No need to convert it to an m4R file because this app does it for you. You just email it to yourself, stick it in your iTunes and your set! I recommend this app to everyone who wants their own custom ringtone ASAP!!!! For troubleshooting, feature requests and general help Email us here. Overview Free Ringtone Maker allows you to create unlimited custom ringtones, text tones, and alerts using songs in your music library.

How to Create Free Ringtone on iPhone? Step 1. Step 2. Select Music Clip Figure 3 Figure 4 You can slide the start and end mark to select any fragment of the music and save it as a ringtone. Step 3. Save as Ringtone Tap the Save icon on the lower right section to export your selected music clip as iPhone ringtone. Connect your iPhone to computer via the data cord.

iPhone Screenshots

Run iTunes on your computer if it fails to open automatically. Select your iPhone from the left Devices pane in iTunes. If the sidebar is invisible, go to View and click on Show Sidebar. Step 4.

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  • Click the Apps tab on the top of the page. Step 5. Scroll down to the File Sharing and select our Ringtone Maker from the apps list. Hit play to start the ringtone sample playing, and shift the start and end points to suit.

    Top 5 Best Ringtone Maker Apps for iPhone

    Keep in mind that you can vary the size of the sample within the parameters you set 30 or 20 seconds before. Hit the save button the white one to the right of the Play button and name your ringtone. Select your device and click on Apps , then scroll down to the File Sharing section. Select the Ringtone app, locate your created ringtone file under the adjacent Ringtone Documents section, and either Save To or drag it onto your desktop.

    Double click on the ringtone file from your desktop to set it playing in iTunes.

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