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I always thought of Eclipse as a "student-project IDE" ; I learned about it during my college years, did my lab work in it and used it to introduce myself to the world of Android development. But when things started to get more complicated - that's when Eclipse started to frustrate me more and more. You want to develop an application and use more than 3 projects in your workspace?

OK, but you'll have to clean your project and restart Eclipse every couple of minutes.

Hail to the king!

You want to upgrade Ant? OK, but you'll have to spend a few more hours to get your project back to life. You want to release your application? OK, but close all other active applications because Eclipse will crash every few seconds. Fig 1. I really hate Eclipse.

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Android Studio vs Eclipse Comparison of Integrated Development Environment | StackShare

Android developers were desperate for a more stable IDE and were quite optimistic when Google announced Android Studio. Eclipse slowly started to lose its market share and in less than one year it became obsolete, a relic of some older, "darker" times. It couldn't rival Android Studio because it was designed differently, in different times. You can use Eclipse for a bunch of different programming languages and for a bunch of different platforms, but it couldn't adapt completely to the world of Android development.

On the other hand, Android Studio is designed specifically for Android development and its main goal is to speed up the Android development process and make it easier and simpler. I've been using Android Studio for a few months now and have made a list of reasons why it's, in my opinion, superior to Eclipse:.

Android Studio introduced a new project automation tool - Gradle , which replaced Apache Ant. Have you ever tried to upgrade your Ant version while developing an Android application and cried in agony when your project exploded into millions of pieces? Gradle also allows you to use different flavors of an application - you can define separately the development and production version.

You don't want to use Proguard and have different app icons in the dev and prod version?

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Just modify your build. Fig 2. Separate your development and production resources. Android Studio replaces references to resource files with their real values, so you can find out which color you are using or what is the height of the layout directly from the code editor. Fig 3. Which color should I use? I've always experienced a lot of problems while using graphical preview in Eclipse.

In Android Studio you can build layouts and observe changes in real time. Heck, you can even track these changes on different screens! Android Studio uses Lint by default, and you can modify your Gradle files to include Lint when releasing your APKs - if Lint finds some warnings, it will automatically abort your release process.

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Why is this good? It forces you to use good Android development practices like defining all of your dimensions in separate XML files, or avoiding hardcoded strings , it can point to unused resource files which results in a smaller APK file in the end , mistakes or unused permissions in the manifest file etc.

We want to speed up our development process, but we also want to produce quality code. Fig 4. So you want to use dp instead of sp?

Which IDE is easier for android development, Eclipse or Android Studio?

Not on my watch One of the most important steps in software development is testing - you want to avoid bugs and errors. In Android Studio you can define your unit tests in separate classes and launch them while building your applications. Many Android developers including this hobbyist reporter cut their teeth on mobile app development with the popular open source IDE, Eclipse.

That won't be happening much now, as Google officially ended support for the Android Developer Tools ADT plug-in that for a time turned Eclipse into the go-to platform for non-iOS mobile coders. And, despite the reference to Google ending support at the end of last year, it actually seems to have waited until this month to announce " Support Ended for Eclipse Android Developer Tools ," somewhat coinciding with the September release of Android Studio 2.

With the latest updates to Studio, we've completed the transition. Eason said Android Studio 2.

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At least one developer misses the old ADT approach. Biggest thing since the transition to Android Studio is Gradle which I find it really good.