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Who is my email provider? What type of account do I have? What are the server settings I need? Let's take a look at the different types of email account: Once that local copy is downloaded, there is no further interaction with the mailbox, and whatever happens to that email from then on happens only on that device. Any movement of emails into different folders, or any deletions, etc.

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This means that whatever device you look at your mail on, the view is always the same, with same mail in the same folders - ideal if you use lots of devices! These are bespoke systems designed to the company's specifications, and won't have publicly accessible server information. If your account is Exchange, we'd recommend contacting your email provider's IT department for assistance. List of Email server settings. Is authentication sign-in required to send mail?


Apple iPhone 6

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Troubleshooting email settings. What do the error messages mean? Some guidance can be taken from any error messages you might see during the set up. Email receives, but won't send This is one of the most annoying problems you may encounter with email, and often happens on mobile phones and tablets.

Vodafone Mobile Dongle Outgoing Email

What settings could stop my email from sending? You should re-check the outgoing smtp mail server settings, tapping on any buttons to take you into advanced settings to look at the following items you can always cancel to move back out: Is there a check box asking whether you wish to use authentication?

If there is, tick it. Are there spaces for your username and password in the outgoing settings? If there are, try entering your details and see if that works. Are you being asked whether you want to use the same settings as your incoming server?

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If so, then select this option, as it means using password authentication. Sending mail from a mobile device If you are trying to use email on a mobile device, you may come across a further hurdle placed there by your mobile network. Authors Steve Thomson. Did we help? You must be a member to leave a comment. Remember me.

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Irish Email (Outgoing Mail) SMTP Server Settings

Directory Pages Search for all the latest photography gear and services in our dedicated photography directories. Calibrate your monitor so you can see 16 different shades: Can't access your account? Join Today! Sue C. Posted on Mar 27, 9: Page content loaded. Mar 27, Vodafone web site should have the SMTP settings or one of high street stores will be able to help. No joy with either.

Set up your phone for email - Apple iPhone 6 (iOS8)

Spent hours on line, speaking to Vodafone and latest advice was there had been a substantial number of people with the same issue. Very difficult to manage without mobile email but thank you for replying suec. Mar 27, 1: My email is Vodafoneathome. Plusnet bought out the service about five years ago but retained old email.