Nokia lumia 928 the best low-light smartphone camera


  1. Nokia Lumia Billboard Touts "Best Low-light Smartphone Camera"
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  4. Ad compares low-light photography on Nokia Lumia 928 with Apple iPhone 5 and Galaxy S4

The GS4 and iPhone 5 are the two biggest names in tech, at least from a general consumer's standpoint. So of course these would be the two devices Nokia wants its showdown with. Putting the One in the mix would be giving HTC the brand recognition it can't afford to give itself right now, and raise more questions and curiosity about this new HTC device that some may find more appealing. My point, this was a very smart play by Nokia, and if I were a general consumer, it might sway my decision in Nokia's favor. Due to some software techniques samd ng is making waves dats all.

Nokia Lumia Billboard Touts "Best Low-light Smartphone Camera"

Otherwise the biggest threat to nokia is from htc and ro some extent sony. I guess this comparison done by phoenarena is nt dat much biased as it used to be in past.

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Iphn loses in every department except for those costly paid apps and games. And m waiting for and samd gs comparison as well. Hope beats the sh t out f samd g as well. Anyways samd ng phones are real cheap plastic. Atleast Nokia phones feel premium in hands.

Cos the only thing stopping nokia,s tech is only the o.

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I take it you're not a big fan of Samsung. That's your choice, but the pictures coming from my Note 2 have not failed to amaze any who see them. Is it the best camera out there, no.

The Windows Phone Nokia Lumia 928: The best low-light smartphone camera

But does it have to be, no. And that's the point many people are missing wether you hate Samsung, Nokia, Apple, or whatever. Every device from all these OEM's have their own "Best at" feature going for them. Their camera's are good enough that customers pick more Samsung devices than they do Nokia's, so that cheap plastic isn't effecting Samsung's sales, but how much is Nokia's camera helping their's? People love great picture quality, but there are many other things to consider and that stuff is what Samsung does very well.

Its simple, if you prefer a smartphone with great camera for capturing your precious moments then Lumia is the best choice for you. First of all change for Android.

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How about this: Want to comment? Please login or register. PhoneArena Search. Login Register. Manufacturers Apple Samsung Asus Amazon. Tablet tools Tablet finder New tablets Popular tablets Compare tablets. Share Tweet Share. Thanks to the more complex cameras that have been placed on handsets lately, the ability of a smartphone's camera to take decent shots in less than optimal lighting has become a feature to be used to promote certain models. No OEM has used this more than Nokia, but that really shouldn't be surprising considering the capabilities of the snapper on the Nokia Lumia , which has been handed down to newer models like the Nokia Lumia and the Nokia Lumia As recently as a year ago, you wouldn't have heard that much about using your smartphone's camera to take passable snapshots in dim lighting.

But thanks to cameras with lower f-stop readings, cellphone cameras are letting more light in, improving the capabilties of the rear-facing camera to take decent low-light shots. The f2.

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This explains why the latter takes better photos under low-light conditions than the former Android flagship model does. The smaller the f-stop number, the larger the aperture hole in the camera. The larger the aperture hole, the more light that is let through to the picture. Comparing the low-light capabilities on a trio of high-end phones. Related phones.

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  4. Related News. Threaded Chronological Newest first Always view all comments Save. Luckily, the Lumia 's own camera is no slouch among handsets with more traditional feature sets.

    Ad compares low-light photography on Nokia Lumia 928 with Apple iPhone 5 and Galaxy S4

    It's an 8. In daylight, we generated crisp, clear photos that looked great on the screen and just as impressive when viewed on a computer. It defaults to a Based on Nokia's pedigree and the solidly large megapixel rating, generating sharp daytime photos is no big surprise here.

    What is pleasantly surprising is that the Lumia 's low-light photo enhancement really does impress in action. We took shots without flash in the evening, with only minimal light nearby like a streetlight , and ended up with shots that were much less grainy than those taken on other phones, and better lit to boost.