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Looking for more fast paced mobile games? Check these out! Critical Ops Price: Free with in-app purchases. Critical Ops is one of the newer FPS games. It's technically still in public beta without a full release yet. In this one, you can choose to be part of an anti-terrorism unit and stop destruction or play as a terrorist and cause destruction. It features online multiplayer modes, leaderboards, and decent graphics to create a pretty complete overall experience.

Dead Effect 2 Price: You'll play as the main character and you can choose one of three protagonists. Additionally, you'll have tons of gear, weapons, and body implants to find and level up over the course of the game. It features more than 20 hours of campaign, and tons of options for upgrading. Of course, you'll be leveling up your character as well. It has fantastic graphics and a fun story.

It's one of the more complete FPS games out there. Guns of Boom Price: Guns of Boom is a popular FPS game. It features a cartoon style similar to some popular shooters on PC and console.

15 best shooting games for Android

It is not as good as those, though. The game features a variety of weapons, online PvP combat, and a loot box system.

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We're not too thrilled about the loot box system but everything else is good. All players need to do is aim.

10 Best First-Person Shooters On Mobile – Ranked

The game auto-fires when the enemy is in the cross-hairs. That gives the game a bit of simplicity that works well for it being a mobile shooter. It's freemium as per the norm. Hitman Sniper Price: Sniper is one of the more unique FPS games. Your character is perched outside of a building, looking in with a sniper rifle. Your job is to take out the various targets without anyone getting suspicious about your location. The game contains over missions, various sniper rifles to unlock, leaderboards, and it also has some strategy elements. Into the Dead 2 Price: Into the Dead 2 is one of the newer FPS games.

It features a lot of the same mechanics from the first. You run through fields of zombies to survive.

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Meganoid is an action platformer with shooting elements. The game features randomly generated levels so that every play through is mostly different.

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It also has consumables, alternate routes, and other mechanics to keep things fresh. There is even a function where you can alter parts of the actual level, including things like weapon mechanics. That adds a weirdly fun customization element to the game. It's quite different and unique from other shooting games, but it packs enough of the classic elements to feel familiar. The retro graphics help with that a lot as well.

Modern Combat 5 Price: Modern Combat 5 is among the most popular shooting games on mobile. It was originally a pay-once game until Gameloft turned it into a freemium game a while back. It has a large following, decent graphics, and there is a ton of game here for you to play. There is the usual campaign mode along with a popular, but still very competitive multiplayer mode.

10 best FPS games for Android - Android Authority

You can choose between one of six classes to play, each with their own perks and advantages. Modern Combat Versus is also out. However, Blackout is still the better game for now. We're almost done! Check out some more awesome games here! Morphite Price: Morphite is one of the newer shooting games. It was also one of the best games of It features decent graphics, vast exploration, and various missions.

The game is a little bit like a mobile version of No Man's Sky. The planets are randomly generated. Thus, no two worlds are the same. The free version of Morphite gives you two story missions and unlimited exploring. It's a rare pay-once game in a field of freemium titles. Thankfully, it's also pretty good. The NOVA titles are some of the most successful shooting games out there. NOVA Legacy is the latest title in the series. Unlike Modern Combat, this one has a more sci-fi focused theme. It features good graphics, online multiplayer, and a campaign mode for solo play.

There are also special events, crafting mechanics, and other things to help expand the game play. It's a freemium game and that means there are some parts of the game that are frustrating. Other than that, there is a lot to love about this title. PUBG Mobile is another battle royale shooter and the first truly popular one on mobile.

You drop onto an island from a plane. From there, you grab weapons, equipment, and vehicles. The goal is to be the last person standing at the end of the match. The regular version is a person free for all while the Lite version scales that back to 50 to work better on lower end devices. It's a much drier experience than Fortnite because of Fortnite's crafting system.

However, some people prefer a slightly more realistic experience over the more arcade experience of Fortnite. Sky Force Reloaded Price: Sky Force Reloaded is one of the best top-down shooters on all of mobile. Like most games in the genre, you pilot an aircraft and you must muscle your way through a bunch of bad guys. The game also includes upgradeable weapons and armor, in-level objectives, and more. Deer Hunter has you playing as a hunter with nothing better to do than kill rare and exotic animals from around the world. Of course, it is very addictive and is one of the best looking games around.

The game looks excellent and offers some really large environments to play in. Apart from a considerably large single-player campaign, N. Unlike other games, the gameplay here requires quite a bit of strategic thinking and tactics. Call of Duty: Strike Team lets you switch between first person and third person perspectives at any time and offers both single player and multiplayer game modes.

Gun Zombie: Hellgate may just be the most awesomely named game in the history of awesomely named games.

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  • 10 Best First Person Shooter Game (FPS) for Android.

The game does away with unnecessary things like a story or a plot and just gives you a hell lot of guns to massacre a hell lot of zombies. And seriously, what more could you want? Modern Combat 5: