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You can use your Facebook account to challenge your friends from anywhere, anytime. A glaring feature of the game is you can add 8 Ball Pool to your iMessage app drawer to play with your friends. So you think that you are lightning fast and have got better reflexes? Try out Red Hands to find out where you stand in the battle of speed. As the game begins, one player is the attacker, and the other is the defender.

And if the later chickens out three times, it would be a perfect free hit. The one which gets 10 points first will be declared the winner. You can customize your hand type by choosing from multiple available options. This one is specifically dished out for the folks who have a special liking for drawing. The first player gets a word to draw within a limited time. And then others have to interpret and copy that image. The last player needs to guess the word and also nominates the players who were found to be the best or worst in that round.

It features basic word packs. All the games are pretty easy to play, and you would enjoy them with your family and friends. The app also features some single games which you can take on to get rid of boredom.

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Finger Fights is available for free but at some stages, you will have to spend bucks to break the limitation. Which one of these games have you picked up to light up your time? Do let us know the one that is going to bring fun to your gaming. Besides, let us know the name of the games that I may have missed out. Reviews Apps iPad iPhone.

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28 Multi-Player iOS Games to Kill Boredom - Hongkiat

How weirdly that seems to stare in your face. Your challenge is to find a word from the jumbled letters by swipe or slide the screen between the letters. More you win, you can accumulate more scores and trophies in your gaming account. The game can be played in three modes: Play classic, blitz, and marathon. This 2 player-iOS game is for the drawing pros. The game play is simple. The first player is given a word to draw within a stipulated time, and then other players have to construe and replicate that image.

You can customize your game by adding themes like Star war, Pokemon, Big screen, etc. Simply watch ads to upgrade your game version or buy it by in-app purchase. These are the globally popular 2-player games for iOS devices you can play with pleasure and fun.

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These games are widely appreciated for their uniqueness, user-friendliness, as well as for their clean interfaces. Let us know which one of these games you have liked so far? Have we missed a game to add in this list of great 2-player games on iOS? Let us know your preference, as well as share with us your questions or other suggestions by commenting below.

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10 Best Two Player Games for iPhone and iPad to play Challenges with Your Friends

Toggle navigation. Home current Store Products Resource Support. Heads Up! Just Dance Now 4. Hangman 4. Red Hands 4. Spaceteam 4. Cats Carnival 4. Armageddon 4. However, there is no online mode, but why would you play Monopoly online anyway. Scrabble is another great classic game that is good to have around.

Connect with friends, play with words, and get a game of Scrabble going with just about anyone. Apart from the solo mode, there is also a local WiFi multiplayer mode where you can use your iPhone as your tile holders which is pretty cool.

Top 40 iPad Offline Games in 2018

The sequel to the hit tower strategy adventure Tower Madness is here. Protect your beloved sheep as the alien emperor wants to turn them into his sweaters. The addition of a human opponent makes this game a lot more fun than just playing against the AI. With the WiFi multiplayer mode, you can have some good jam session with your friends either during lunch break or when commuting. It certainly brings back those great arcade memories. Shadow Vanguard is a first person shooter that emphasizes on team work.

Lead the Rainbow team to stop the global terrorist threat through 11 missions across the globe. Join with up to two friends in the cooperation mode to challenge the entire game together or go head-to-head in death match with the best unit leaders in the world. Starfront Collision is one of the better looking real-time strategy game on the iOS platform. The gorgeous HD graphics combined with unit building and battle strategy will remind you of Starcraft.

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Progress through the ranks and unlock new weapons as you earn experience. There are classic modes like classic bomb and bomb diffuse, as well as team battles to choose from. Clash of Clans is an addictive mixture of strategic planning and competitive fast-paced combats. The game comes almost exclusively in multiplayer mode as the opponents are always other people playing the game. It is a cross platform game thus you will be encountering iOS players as well as Android players. The off-road race setting is a great change from the usual road racing game, but the tracks are a little tricky to follow because it is not clear where the race track is going.

Retina display would be great and make the track boundaries a little clearer. Enjoy the thrill of an epic adventure right from your iOS devices. There are multiple classes that level up through a tree with extensive quests for level grinding. Really one of the best MMO out there for portable devices. The zombies are back. Plants vs. Zombies 2 is truly a triumphant return for one of the most popular mobile games for iOS with new game characters, features and game modes designed to keep you hooked for even longer.

At first glance, Plants vs.

Zombies 2 is not much difference from the first game in the series.