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Continue your session Session time out Your session's been inactive for a while, so we've logged you off from NetBank to keep your accounts and details safe. But before you jet off, now's a good time to get to know your Travel Money Card. Travelling to multiple destinations?

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Step one: Order your card online in NetBank and start by loading the minimum amount of AUD1 or the foreign currency equivalent. The maximum balance you can have on the card is AUD50, or the foreign currency equivalent. Step two: Order a Travel Money Card online.

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Enter the Biller Code then your customer reference number - which is your digit Travel Money Card number. The money may take two to three days to appear on your card. If you tell us your mobile phone number, you can receive SMS confirmation when your card is loaded and notifications about your balance. This is so you have a spare in case one is lost or stolen. The cards have different card numbers and separate PINs. As soon as you receive both cards make sure you sign the back of them. Suspect an error in your transaction history? The money on your Travel Money Card will be converted into Australian Dollars at a retail foreign exchange rate determined by us at the time of transfer.

Great rate on travel money.

You can also call from:. We do not have any control over the charges that may apply from contacting the operator. This article is intended to provide general information of an educational nature only. It does not have regard to the financial situation or needs of any reader and must not be relied upon as financial product advice.

Cheap Flights, Hotels, Tours, Cruises and Holidays - Flight Centre

CBA and its related bodies corporate do not issue or guarantee this insurance. It does not represent a deposit with or liability of either CBA or any of its related bodies corporate. Terms, conditions, exclusions, including for pre-existing medical conditions and persons aged 80 years or over for international travel insurance included with an eligible CommBank credit card or persons aged 74 years or over for CBA Travel Insurance limits and excesses apply.

The easy way, but certainly not the wise way, to travelling with your phone is to turn on data roaming and either come back to a large phone bill or barely use your phone.

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The easy alternative to that, if you want to keep your Australian phone number and not change SIMs, is to buy a roaming package from your carrier before you go. But that is not the end of the story, because the price of those packages can still be inhibiting. Determining how much you pay for a package depends on which carrier you are with, which country you are going to and how long you intend to travel.

The simple solution is to turn on plane mode on your phone, preventing your phone from connecting to a local carrier, but leave Wi-Fi on so you can still have access to the internet at your hotel or where Wi-Fi is available. The trick to staying in touch with friends through that system is to make sure you are using the same messaging app.

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GPS will still work on your phone even if it is in flight mode. With Google Maps you can now download an offline version while you are on a Wi-Fi network and then use that map to navigate when you are travelling around a foreign city. Another way to avoid bill shock is to buy a roaming SIM before you travel.