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Once encoding is finished, go to left panel, click on the Apple iPhone label. And in the middle window, right click on the converted file and select Open File Location , then you can check this video in the output folder from the hard drive.

iPhone Video Converter

There are many ways to transfer converted video to iPhone through iTunes after it's connected with your computer via USB cable. Or check this syncing tutorial page to know more on how to sync your devices with iTunes. After a while, the sync will be complete. Now, check your iPhone: No need to synchronize your iPods to iTunes anymore.

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13 Common Errors with 4K/HD Videos Playing & Sharing and How iPhone Video Converter Solves Them

Spotify Music Converter. M4V Converter. Apple Music Converter. However, according to iPhone's official page, there are many technical specifications as follows for iPhone video file: AAC up to Kbps, 48kHz For this reason , if you have an iPhone and want to play movies on it, you need to convert the video first.

Watch How VideoProc Converts iPhone Videos

Now click the Run button and the iPhone files will be converted to formats with perfect settings for the device you need. One of the most frequently asked problems about iPhone recordings is that users can't load or import iPhone videos into Premiere Pro, Lightworks, iMovie, Final Cut Pro, Lightroom, and other editors. Still fire up VideoProc on your desktop.

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Then click the Option button with a gear icon to enter into the video settings page. Find the Frame Rate and select a frame rate or you can even just leave it as default. Now click Run button and this iPhone video converter will automatically convert the iPhone variable frame rate to constant.

Make sure that you have unchecked the Auto Copy box at the right lower part of the interface. The playback of iPhone 4K 60fps videos places a great burden on both the hardware and software. But this results in quality loss and video stuttering. In such case, the combination of 4K p and 60fps high frame rate are the main cause of such errors. The resources required for video playback and rendering grow with the frame rate and resolution. For example, a 4K video 30fps is less demanding than the one at 60fps in computational complexity.

But when it comes to comparing video resolution with frame rate in computation-intensive degree, most of you vote for video resolution. Thus, for your ordinary computer with medium-level hardware configurations, you're suggested to convert iPhone 4K resolution to P if the player has no specific requirements. VideoProc offers options to adjust the parameters in the Settings page mentioned in the steps above.

Sometimes, they are in the wrong direction on TV or uploaded to YouTube or FaceBook, though they look perfectly fine on the phone or computer. But Apple motion sensors will rotate the video to make them look right. Processing iPhone videos with VideoProc will normally give you the right video orientation.

If not, you can rotate the iPhone videos without re-encoding in clicks: It's the same step as the above part. So just skip this step. Double click Rotate and there you can convert iPhone videos to 90, , degrees freely. The Rotate option in Toolbox will rotate the iPhone videos without re-encoding. You can also see the Rotate button below the video info, but that requires you to select an output format and will do the transcoding. Now click the Run button and the iPhone video processing software will correct iPhone videos to the right orientation without re-encoding.

Sometimes, when playing iPhone MOV videos, users can hear the audio but can't see the picture. Though in some rare cases, there is video but no audio. Anyway, this problem is mainly caused by 3 reasons: The steps are simple: Besides, it's the widely used format that supports GPU hardware decoding and click Run. Unlike the hardware decoding in VLC player that causes the "only audio no video" error with iPhone files, the Level-3 Hardware Acceleration is a unique and very mature tech of VideoProc, which will 5X faster process iPhone videos with aplomb, no data loss issues during processing.

Audio out of sync often happens in iPhone and iPad video recording and with post-production programs like Adobe Premiere. The former may be caused by conflicted apps like internet or WiFi and the latter is mainly caused by the variable frame rate. Click "Video" at the home screen after running VideoProc. Check the Recalculate Time Stamp box in the bottom left which will force synchronize the video and audio. Then click Run. Especially on Instagram, it may totally destroy the video quality. To avoid Instagram ruining iPhone video quality after it uploaded, you're suggested to record in 4K UHD as possible, transfer videos from the computer to iPhone using a way that won't compress the video and upload to Instagram on a strong internet.

More importantly, you need to process iPhone footages to meet the file size of Instagram, or it will compress the video to bad quality. The 4K video converter for iPhone puts the most advanced compression technology in the palm of your hands. Below we will take Instagram as an example to show you how to avoid quality loss when uploading iPhone videos to social sites, emails or other services. For your reference, below are the supported video settings of Instagram: MP4 with H.

According to the above requirements, convert iPhone videos to MP4 H. To further shrink iPhone file size, click Edit Video button on the top of the video setting page and click Cut to remove unwanted parts. Drag the green knobs to set the parts you want to reserve and then click the orange Cut button. You cut from the beginning, middle or end and the processed parts will be merged together in the output video. After all the steps, click Run.

Since iOS 11, iPhone users are able to record games, videos, activities on the screen. To fix the issue, make sure you have turned on the Microphone Audio first. If iPhone screen still won't record audio, or if there are other annoyances like the red bar on the top of the screen and iPhone screen recording not saving, VideoProc will record iPhone screen with sound in high quality.

How to convert videos/audios to iPhone 5 music file format?

Run VideoProc. Then connect iPhone to computer and Recorder on the main interface. Windows Software. Mac Software. About us Support Tutorial Contact us Sitemap.

Home products download support tutorial free resource Special offer. Step 1. Download and install Any Audio Converter at first It's a true freeware, no registration, no time limitation, which converts rich video and audio formats with high definition and fast speed. Step 2. Load Video or Audio file into the program Run Any Audio Converter and click Add Files button to import video or audio files from hard drive to the program.

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Convert audio/video to iPhone 5, Youtube videos to iPhone 5

Choose output profile for iPhone 5 We can get the tech specs from the Apple official site. Step 4. How to convert video files or Youtube videos to iPhone 5 To watch various video files on iPhone 5 or convert Youtube videos to iPhone 5 video format, the program you need is Any Video Converter Freeware. Choose output profile for iPhone 5 Click Output Profile drop down menu to select the output profile for iPhone 5. Step 5. Installation Guide 2. Getting Started Audio Conversion 1. Convert Audio to Other Formats 2. Extract Audio From Videos 3.