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Reviews Review Policy. Bug fixes. View details. Flag as inappropriate. Visit website. See more. Viber Messenger. Viber Media S. Join Viber messenger to enjoy the most secure messaging and free calls around! LINE Corporation. Best of all, no one will harbor any long-lingering resentments about that five bucks you may or may not owe them. If you own a smartphone, you're probably paying out the wazoo for cell phone minutes and text messages; and if you go over your allotted amount of either, you might need a loan, a second mortgage, or a lucky lottery ticket to pay off your carrier.

Instead of spending all your pocket cash hoping for the Powerball, though, you could just make your most oft-contacted pals download a few apps that make regular phone calls and text messages all but free.

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First, you should know that text messages are to mobile carriers what popcorn is to movie theater owners: Unfortunately for carriers, the various app stores and markets offer plenty of alternatives to text messages that provide the exact same service for free. You and your friends should consider a service like GroupMe or WhatsApp , both of which allow you to send the equivalent of text messages, including group messages and multimedia messages, over a mobile network.

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Get your heavy texters onto either of these apps and you won't have to worry about overages -- or moving to a higher texting plan -- again. You, convincing your friend to download one or all! Next, for the Chatty Cathy in your life, we have free voice chat services like Skype and Viber.

Top 8 free Apps like PingChat! for iPhone

Both cost nothing to use, are available on all of the major mobile operating systems, and run in the background of your phone, meaning you can receive calls and messages while using other apps or while your phone is in your pocket. If you know you're in for a long conversation, you might as well shift it over to one of these apps and avoid eating up your minutes.

A third option is the poorly-named "walkie-talkie" app. Yes, the main function of these apps does mimic a walkie-talkie: You press down a button and immediately transmit a voice message to a friend.

Voxer: A Walkie Talkie App for the 21st Century

Then, it either automatically plays through the friend's speaker, if they have that function enabled, or comes through recorded, like a voicemail. The best of these apps, however, does more than that, letting you send text messages and photos in a convenient conversation stream as well. Voxer is probably the most well-known and widely used of these walkie-talkie apps, and for good reason: It combines the functions of Skype, GroupMe, and, uh, a walkie-talkie into a single, free app. Range varies ft. Your email address will not be published. Fast — Zello conversations are almost as fast as face-to-face conversations and faster than online communications.

Walkie talkie app for high performance teams

Easy to use — Just push the button to talk. One-to-many — Zello supports channels where you can talk to one person on up to 1, people from all over the world at the same time. Zello setup is lightweight and the program uses very little system resources and memory. Use what works for you: Recommended for you: