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The loss of iPhoto is another of Apple's famous "It's not broken so let's fix it" adventures. Page content loaded. Sep 23, 1: Sep 24, 6: You are very late to the party You need iPhoto 9. However this is a temp fix even if you can get 9. Oct 2, 2: I plan to export all my pictures out of iPhoto should have already to another software package. I'm now wondering if i should do this before i update to Sierra. Oct 2, 4: Oct 3, Is there a way to export your photos out of iPhoto and keep all the metadata attached including the descriptions?

I have not found a way to do this without having to open one photo at a time and adding it in via photoshop. My plan is to export all my photos out of iPhoto but I do not want to lose all my metadata. So if I am understanding this thread correctly, if I upgrade to Sierra my iPhoto version 9. Oct 4, 6: You can export from iPhoto including titles and captions - perhaps you already know this - and this does include at least in 9. I sometimes use a command line tool called exiv2 to look at picture metadata, and this shows the description appearing in field Iptc. Of course this is only any use if you can import to some other application which imports that metadata.

I'd be interested to hear from anyone who knows. Oct 4, 9: Yes iPhoto 9. Oct 5, 6: Totally agree with this. Whatever fancy editing Photos can do I could already do with Photoshop. I already sync everything to the cloud with Google Photos.

Part 2: Fixes to Can't Import Photos from iPhone to Mac

I just want somewhere I can actually see my photos well displayed in Events on my Mac, rather than in a mess of 10, pixelated photos all on screen at once. It's a shame there's nothing that does this now or nothing that I've found. Oct 5, 8: This is the toolbar that lets me fix redeye, adjust colors, etc. How can I get it back?

After migrating from iphoto to photos, the number of photos in the libraries do not match. My iphoto library had 30, photos, and the new photos library has 29, Could the discrepancy be due to duplicates that were not imported? Please help! I also get an error message when I try to edit. I ran repair successfully, but it made no difference. This helped me.

iOS 8's iPhoto to Photos app transition to ditch Journals, Books, and Slideshows - 9to5Mac

But the rebuild put them in their correct places. Thanks for this. Photos refuse to resolve, staying pixelated until clicking on the Edit button. Does anyone here have any ideas or experienced similar? I launch Photos.


It want stay on screen. Goes away quickly and I get a triangle error with nothing but coding. I have thousands of scanned photos taken before digital cameras were invented. They have a date stamp showing the date I scanned the photo either from a print or a transparency. Obviously this is not the date I want, so I need to change this date to the date the photo was taken. Easily done in good old iPhoto. Go up to the menu bar and select Adjust Date and Time, and select the correct date. The photo now gets positioned correctly relative to all the other photos.

Job done eh? Apple have tried to make everything simple and idiot-proof, so the Photos app has hardly any controls or user preferences which would allow you to correct or adjust the way Photos displays images. This is a stupid and ridiculous idea on the part of Apple. Every time I try to do something outside the tightly curated world Apple has in mind for me, I run into endless issues.

Converting from iPhoto to Photos in iOS 8

Increasingly, it looks like Apple is trying to turn our Macs into iOS devices. Wise up Apple! Very annoying. Now, I have to go directly to google to get a search to work. I have been trying to free up room on my iMac by exporting my photos to an external drive. Is there a way to mass transfer photos easier than export? Any help would be gratefully accepted. Even for days… very frustrating. Any clues on what to do? This is a fairly large library around GB. Opened iPhoto library with Photos and it migrated the pics to Photos library, used it for a week, then opened a different library on an external drive which Photos migrated.

Now when I try to switch to the original library, Photos will not recognize the library even though Finder shows it as migrated. When I upgraded to Yosemite I did not realize that it would also install Photo and move all my photos to it. When Photo came up, most of the the thumbnails were missing.

Where thumbnails should be, there was only a blank-white square, or a solid black one. If I click on the blank or black space, the color image will show up full-page. At first iPhoto was totally missing. It finally showed back up after several days. I now have three libraries, one for Photo, and two for iPhoto. The Photo and one iPhoto show my albums. The other iPhoto one shows no albums and there are 3 copies of most pictures. I have done a rebuild on all of the libraries and the thumbnails still do not show. Apple has really messed me up on this change.

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And I have not mentioned the Faces problems it has caused. I lost all mine and rang Apple support and they talked me through getting the original iPhoto library file from within an old iPhoto library location in TimeMachine and I had to accept then having Photos which I dislike compared to iPhoto but I got my whole picture library back intact.

Where could things broken that this occurs all the time? I am also prompted to repair the system library shared every time I open photos on any user profile. I pressed command and option and launched repair and it says repair cannot be completed. This is the first migration of photos from time machine to a new macbook pro.

Add on to question above: Should I try connecting old macbook air to new macbook pro to migrate the photos versus time machine. Anyway, all my pictures loaded into Photos and was working fine although I really dislike the program until recently backed up my iPhone 5 onto computer before I upgraded to 6.

What do I do??? Are my photos there somewhere?? The advice on top of page does not stop import of jpg going into Albums instead of Photos in the Photos App. The whole thing about Photos is that it is a daft name. My MacBook is now a little over a month old. I have a Pro 13 inch directly from the Apple store. The library will not close. Repair did nothing. Worked for me! I rebuilt Photos and it backed up fine. A 93 GB library. I wish to weigh in with what worked for me. I had very recently upgraded to El Capitan as many of you also.

This was my first hit on Photos since the upgrade. I just had 4 photos I wanted to send somebody, NOT on my phone, so the fastest way is to put them in Photos. So woops, Unexpected error preparing your library. Looked all over the place for it. I did a multilevel command line level search with times. Finally called Apple support. Went through some way cool advanced searches but they could not find it either. My Photos live on an external drive, dedicated to photos. There is one folder there called Photos, on Yosemite it always just looked like a regular folder and I could double click into it and see the base data with actual photos sorted in folders by year month day.

That data seemed all fine. It required repair of course and it took a while. Whew, the idea of starting over and reimporting everything with photos dating back to was not a pleasant prospect. Hope this is helpful to someone else!!! Please help me! I get to the stage of clicking continue on the photo upgrader, am prompted to Launch Iphoto which I do then get the prompt to have Iphoto repaired and that I need to get the upgrader.

It worked for me. My problem was that, with some videos in older shared photo albums photo streams were not being found. I was getting this:. I googled and found many people trying to address this issue or similar and most were unhelpful. This fix was the only one that got me anywhere, and it was pretty fast. After that a did copy of Photos Library from documents back to Pictures — replace — type admin pass and after opening Photos Library it works for me. I had the same problem. You then end up in an infinite loop of it not working….

Other hand, should I click other Library or Create New? What is your suggestion on how to fix Photo Library? Thank you so much! I always ended up missing most of my pictures, and all of the albums etc. I followed your advice. I have followed this thread with interest. I too have had a number of major issues with Photos.

The weirdest is when I import new photos and it picks up the thumbnail from another unrelated picture in the library. The only way I can get it to correct the thumbnail is to edit the photo. I think the majority of my problems stemmed from the fact that I was trying to keep the original files on a NAS drive and run the Photo App and database from my Macbook. It kept loosing connections and either doing a repair or a check at startup which took hours. I have recently found that this is a very helpful new feature.

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If you select a bundle of files and choose Consolidate from the file menu — you can then point it at your external drive location and it will import all the photos it does not have the original file for into your library. It will skip the ones that are already there. It gives you a little progress clock on the menu bar. Some intelligence at last! Problem solved. This worked for me but did not solve my problem.

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I have random errors that show up across my photos when edited. I followed that advice, now ALL my photos have disappeared. Years of them. How do I get them back? Thanks for the help. I recently had to recover my photos library after a hard drive failure. Behind it are a list of dates black writing on a white background. Any ideas? Is something wrong with my photos library? I tried the rebulid, also signing out of iclod on the mac and back in. A few more pics appeared after signing back in, but not ALL recent ones.

I backed up my iPhone 6s Plus to my brand new iMac and wanted to import my photos from phone to photo app on iMac. It stopped mid way saying it quit unexpectedly. So I did some research and repaired my library and tried to import the photos onto my iMac again to fire up some space on my phone and it quit again just like it did the other couple of times before I repaired my library. All is well now. Running High Sierra Photo when in library is OK. When transferred out in to anything it loses the date it was taken. Ran the repair and no improvement. I upgraded to El Capitan and consequently from iPhoto, to Photos.

During this process, the thumbnails for all photos were lost. Any suggestions on how to resolve this issue? Make sure that Photos is pointed to it. Quit Photos. That solved all my confusing double, triple, copies, and repeated NEW photos when plugging in my No repeit button. Fortunately I had a backup. I had more than 50Gb of data there! And it dissapears?!?! People from Apple, how is that possible? Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited. Enter your email address below: Posted by: May 21, at 2: May 21, at 3: I says: If so, this blog post ca….

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iPhoto... supported but for how long?

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